Meet Jacob!

yes, another super cute baby Jacob on the blog :0)

I was so excited when Claire scheduled me to come take pictures of their newest addition! I babysat their first son Evan when he was about a month old, so its crazy to see how much he’s grown and how big he is compared to Jacob! Jacob was perfect the entire time I was there, so content and go with the flow no matter who was holding him or what positions I put him in :0) Meet 2 week old Jacob: j1love all the faces they make when they’re this tiny :0) j2j3I can tell these two are going to be good buds :0) j4j5teaching his baby brother about the important things in life… trucks, trucks, and more trucks! j6j7it still amazes me how perfectly they fit in your hands when they’re this little: j8j9j10love these ones with Mommy :0) j11j12j13sleeeeeepy baby :0) j14j15Even though he was snoozin he still let us move him all around for more pictures :0) j16j17these next two were definitely my favorites!! they’re pretty similar, but I love them both!! j18j19j20j21j22signature Baby Love shot! j23I absolutely love these last few ones of Claire with Jacob! j24j25j26Thanks for letting me come hang out with your family yesterday morning! Enjoy this time with the boys while they’re still this little :0)

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