Meet Caitlin- Senior Pictures, Great Falls VA

I think sometimes I struggle with perspective. I look at other people in my life like Lauren and Sam, or friends that were just entering college when I was exiting, and can’t believe how much they’ve grown and changed… but still I don’t feel like I’ve gotten any older. Its like the rest of the world is just changing around me, even though I’m sure there are people in my life that would say that about me too, sometimes I just don’t see it! When I got the initial email from Caitlin’s mom asking about her senior pictures I definitely had the momentary though of, “How come? Caitlin’s not a senior… is she?? Wasn’t it just the other day I was babysitting her?” Well apparently it was many MANY days ago, and Caitlin is already in the swing of things for her last year of high school! I had so much fun catching up with Caitlin yesterday morning as we talked about everything from sports to college applications to AP Art History (oh my!) She is such a beautiful, sweet spirited, driven young woman, and much to my delight she was up for any and everything I could come up with during her portrait session, even if it meant sitting in the wet grass or braving some gigantic spider webs! ;0) Caitlin, thank you for waiting up early to come hang out with me and my camera :0) Enjoy your senior year, it will fly by!! c1c2c3I looooove the colors in the next ones! The pink shirt, the green grass, and her bright blue eyes… absolutely perfect!! c4c5c6
c8c11seriously beautiful… c12c15c17

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  1. Natasha says:

    The pictures are just absolutely fantastic!!! I cried as I looked at them (imagine that as I cried enough at the ceremony and reception). thank you for doing such a great job.

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