Tina and Chad- Virginia Beach, VA

I knew from the moment I met Tina back in January that her wedding was going to be fabulous. Not only because it was going to be held at the beautiful Founders Inn in Virginia Beach, and not because it was going to be in the middle of September which is one of the most beautiful time of the year, but because she and Chad are such a perfect match for each other and I love how that shows up so clearly in these pictures :0) Tina is a perfect example of the concept of a bride being so much more than a client, but becoming a friend. Its been so much fun getting to know them the last 9 months, and it meant so much that Tina and Chad prioritized photography for their wedding day- it makes such a difference! Thanks for scoping out great locations for pictures, and for spending so much time with me and my camera on your wedding day! I hope you both have a WONDERFUL time on your cruise and I can’t wait to see YOUR pictures from your trip! :0) Congratulations to you both! It was an honor to document your wedding day, and I can’t wait for all the anniversary/baby/family pictures to come in the future :0) 

Probably my favorite shoe shot ever.. I just love the lines! and the shoes, of course! ct110Tina worked so hard all afternoon to NOT cry.. aaaand then she saw her dad: ct24This might have been my favorite aspect of the day, Chad literally could not take his eyes off of her! I love his reaction when he saw her walking towards him for the first time, and even moreso that this was his expression pretty much all day long every time he looked at her! ct31ct41ct51Love this one! Husband and Wife! ct61I have no idea why I love this one, there’s nothing extraordinary about the location or lighting, its just a completely candid moment where once again Chad could not stop looking at his new wife: ct71This is hands down my favorite image from their day. This is a completely unscripted moment that I just happened to look over and catch as we were waiting for their guests to clear out so we could start family formals. I love, love, LOVE this moment and how genuine their emotion is!ct81ct91Remember their engagement session? We took a picture there that ended up being one of everyones favorites, so we wanted to recreate it! ct101ct111ct121ct131Tina had tracked down this sign on Etsy.com to use for thank you notes! She’s so clever :0) (ps if you’ve never checked out etsy beware- it can become addicting!) ct141Definitely the other favorite! Huge canvas? Yes, Please!!! ct151ct161The Founders Inn where they were married is right next to Regent University, so we headed over there for a few pictures during cocktail hour and I’m so glad we did! A note to any future brides, Founders Inn is definitely one of my new favorite locations.. there were so many great locations for pictures, and the staff there was WONDERFUL to work with! Once again, Jennifer La Londe coordinated the wedding and made the day flow so smoothly! ct171ct181I’m posting this picture ONLY to prove that Chad did, in fact, dance to one song at his wedding reception ;0) ct191Love this one after the ‘through the years’ dance- they had been married 50 years! The dj instructed them to share “the secret of a lasting marriage”; no one heard what they said, but apparently laughter is part of it! ct201ct211Ahh I was so nervous taking this last shot!! I’ve always wanted to do a shot like this on a grand piano but have always been told no when I’ve asked the venue before… but this time there just HAPPENED to be one sitting right outside the ball room, Tina and Chad were up for it, and there was no one else around.. so we went for it! ahh! I took a few pictures and then told her she could get down, and now I’m wishing I had taken a few more different shots around the piano.. ah well, next time ;0) ct221Enjoy your slideshow!

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  1. Katie says:

    Love the pictures Jessica! Great job!

  2. Nikki says:

    The pictures are amazing!!!

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