Jake and Molly- Day After Session

Molly and Jake already earned a bunch of cool points for opting for a first look at their wedding last month, and now they have DOUBLE cool points for setting up a day after session to get even more amazing pictures in their wedding attire! Well, I know Molly at least was excited for another opportunity to put her dress back on for a while :0) We had such a perfect Sunday afternoon for their session at Newport News Park (minus a couple huge mosquitos that decided to attack) and we got to take pictures in a totally different setting than we did on their wedding day, one of the many advantages of doing a day after session!

I could go on and on about all the reasons to do a day after session, but instead I’ll let the pictures convince you how awesome these sessions are :0) jm1jm2jm3jm4jm51jm6jm7Look what we found there!! Anyone CNU2004 or earlier recognize this long lost CNU building? ;0) jm8We had some dipping lessons before the session, and I think they pulled it off VERY nicely :0) jm9jm10jm11love it, love it, love it! jm12jm13Holy smokes I love these next ones! I shot pretty much the entire session at f1.2  which I almost never do, but I love how they came out! Love the lighting and color and emotion in these images :0)jm14jm15jm16Molly’s one request was a shot of all three of their rings! I think its safe to say we were all a little nervous taking this shot on the dock, but I love how it turned out :0) jm17jm18jm19c’mon how cute are they?! jm20yeah yeah, so I couldnt pick just one.. what else is new?! ;0) jm21Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Allison says:

    What beautiful shots! I love when couples choose to do the day after shoots!!

  2. Jessica you did an amazing job with Jake & Molly’s day after session! I just absolutely love the clarity and crispness of the pictures!

  3. Nicole says:

    I was about to say… that’s the tea house!! Beautiful pictures, Jess! (as usual)

  4. Elizabeth Verna says:

    Oh my gosh, you found the tea house! Hysterical. I was wondering what happened to that. Congrats Molly and Jake, beautiful and FUN photos!

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