Scooter and Ashley; Part II- Haymarket, VA

Are you ready for part 2?!?! I thought so :0) Since you already got to know Ash and Scooter in the last post and reading how they met in their engagement post, I’ll just get right to the pictures! 

The reception was at the Piedmont Club and it was a completely gorgeous, cool fall evening! Check out all their fun details! v110work it ladies! v21have I mentioned recently how much i luuuuuuv fun bridal parties?!? I love it when the wedding party will be a little crazy instead of just posing for formal shots :0) v31v41what can I say, the guys were feelin’ the love… I told them we could do anything they wanted for pictures, aaand apparently this was it! ;0) v51v61Hey Scooter, this one is for you! v72v81oh yeah, did I mention they were models?! loooove it! v91v101v111have i told you yet how much i adore this couple? HA! they’re the best :0) v121v131v141v151v161v171They all made QUITE an entrance at the reception ;0) v181First dance sweetness: v191v19bthe best mans speech was nothing short of amazing, complete with power point presentation! This slide shows a graph of Ashley and Scooters hotness level comparison. You can see that Ashley is always at 100%, their combined hotness level is always 100% just because Ashley is there, and Scooter’s hotness level is constantly improving the more Ashley rubs off on him over time ;0) v201“Hey Scooter and Ashley, I’m really happy for you and I’m gonna let you have your moment, but Beyonce had one of the best music videos of all time!!!!!!” v211Which prompted this response: v22Little did we know the best was yet to come… we got Ashley all set up in a chair up front getting ready for garter/bouquet toss, Scooter bends down to get the garter and then THIS HAPPENED!!!! If you haven’t watched the video, you need to do so now before you scroll down any farther. Scooter, I’m not sure if any groom will ever top that :0) v23oh yeah, did I mention that Ashley had NO idea he was planning that?!? ;0) v24seriously amazing: v25v26v27NOW he’s ready for garter and bouquet toss! v28v29Congratulations again!!v30so it seemed only fit that I use this song for your slideshow! thanks for picking one of my favorites for your first dance :0)

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