Scooter and Ashley; Part I- Haymarket, VA

I figured since Virginia and Nick got two posts that I should do the same with Ashley and Scooter! Usually I only book one wedding per weekend, as I’m typically exhausted come Sunday morning, but once I met Scooter and Ashley I instantly fell in love with them and their relationship and knew I had to be there to document their wedding day. If you havent already, you need to check out their engagement session here to read all about how they met (aaaand to see more pictures of this ridiculously gorgeous couple!) I have so many favorite moments (and pictures) from their wedding this past Sunday, but something that I will always remember about their wedding is what was read during the ceremony, and I think it sums up their relationship perfectly. The pastor read part of a journal entry that Scooter wrote a week after he met her, and Scooter has graciously agreed to let me share it with all you wonderful blog readers :0) 


I just want to do whats right. Please give me discernment in the difference between my heart and your will. She is so beautiful Lord… I’m confused… She’s every where now. I’m overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings. I have so much respect for her. I know I speak as if I know her, but for some reason I do. Her smile is the most genuine thing I have ever seen. It takes nothing from her to render me speechless. Lord is there any reason I feel the way I do? My heart is fragile. What are the odds that we would end up in the same class?… man that smile… it kills me. What am I doing? She probably is yet to give me a second thought. I’m not likely not even her type. All I need is a chance. A chance for her to know me. Lord if it is your will for us to just remain friends help me honor that. Comfort my heart.”

I love that. I absolutely love everything about that and hearing it read as they stood next to each other prepared to make vows that would last the rest of their lives. Ashley and Scooter, thank you for your faith, for your example of a Christ-centered relationship, and for loving Him more than each other. I’m so blessed by you two, and can’t WAIT to hang out again for your day after and bridal sessions! woo! See you at Disney World next week! ;0) 

v1v2Ash and Scooter decided to give each other a gift right before the ceremony.. love the reactions :0) v3v4I’m pretty sure the caption that Scooter put with this moment is “YES! BEST WIFE EVER!!” ;0) v5v6Loved the white/black/red color combo that Ashley picked, it looked so great! v71Gorgeous. Genuinely gorgeous! v8v9v10okay, the flower girls were so adorable!! The first two were good to go: v11The 2nd two… not quite so much ;0) v12I always try and position myself at the end of the aisle at the beginning so that I can make sure to get lots of the bride walking down the aisle, but just as important is being close enough to the groom to get shots like these when he sees his bride for the first time: v13v14v15v16Love this.. bracing himself for that big first kiss as husband and wife! ;0) v17v18v19ooooh man are you ready for part II tomorrow?!?! here’s a little preview :0) v20and to give you a BIG idea of how much fun their reception was.. check THIS out :0) 

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