Meet Jackson- Newport News VA Photographer

This is Jackson how I first remember him as a freshman at Warwick High School: j1bJackson was pumped about YoungLife at warwick from the beginning, although I’m pretty sure he just liked coming to talk to Tommy about guitars after club ;0) Now its so awesome to hear all about the guys that he is leading at Gildersleeve Middle School! Its crazy how much he has grown over the last four years, and I’m so thankful that God had Jackson at warwick when he did, and for the example that he is to the other guys there! I can’t wait to see what he ends up doing next year.. I for one am voting for CNU so he can stick around here and keep leading… buuuut I might be a little biased in the situation.. just maybe ;0)

We had set up a date to do his senior pictures right before school started in September only to be met with a cold rainy day, thankful our rain date was a million times better! Thanks to Tim, one of Jackson’s leaders at Warwick, for tagging along! I literally saw this spot on the side of the road when I was driving home from Raleigh and thought it would look cool for senior pictures! Thanks for trusting me Jackson! Hope you like these ones better than the cheesy 2010 picture from school ;0) j110j21LOVE the colors in these ones! j31j41j51j61j71j81definitely the favorite.. although when I showed it to Jackson he was a little offended that I chopped off his head.. its all in the name of art! :0) j101so, I included this one too :0) j91j111j122Jackson: “Uhh that door looks really sketchy…” Me: “I KNOW! isn’t it great?! quick, go lean up against it!” haha like I said, thanks for trusting me Jackson! j131j141I gotta say, it was pretty nice being serenaded the entire time between Jackson and Tim ;0) I should have someone who plays guitar come with me to all my sessions! j151j161j171Jackson I told you I was going to blog these… j181much better! :0) j191j201

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  1. Grandma says:

    What a cutie–another great job!

  2. Kelsey Cunningham says:

    love it :o) coolest kid to walk the halls of warwick.

  3. Loving the Warwick colors too! Great shots

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