Kelsey and Adam- Raleigh NC Photographer

You will remember Kelsey and Adam from their rainy day engagement session last March, and their beautiful summer wedding last June, well we were all set to do a day after session in July.. until Adam and Kelsey bought the most perfect first home and decided to take pictures there to capture their first year of marriage instead of getting all dressed up again. So we’re going to call this a “Yeah.. Marriage Looks Good on Us” session instead of a “Day After” session ;0) Anniversary sessions have definitely been a growing trend with my clients and I am LOVING it! Adam and Kelsey wanted to really capture their favorite aspects of their lives right now, so we did lots of pictures in front of their new home, by THEIR restaurant (yes, I was informed that they go there so much that the waiters know them and it has become THEIR place!), and of course lots with their first baby, Chase :0) I can’t wait to see what the next few years hold for these two, and to be able to come back and photograph all the other exciting “first” moments in their life together!

They spend quite a bit of time out here throwing the ball for Chase in their big fenced in back yard.. love it! ak2ak3ak4ak5Chase was having a pretty good time with the session.. he even got a walk out of it! (well, up and down the street a couple times anyway ;0)  They told me that every walk Chase finds a huge stick to carry the entire way and they place bets on the number of people that make comments like “Oh my goodness that stick is as big as he is!”.. ahh its the little things in life ;0) ak6ak7look how great their little house is!!!!! if I could hand select my own first house I would want it to be just like this.. big front porch and everything :0) ak8apparently they get these looks a lot… ;0) ak9thats better! ak10Yep, you can’t see it by riiiiiight under “Fox and Hound” on one of the horses on the sign it says “Adam and Kelsey’s” too ;0) ak11ak12ak13love it, love it, LOVE IT! Kelsey you are so beautiful! ak14ak15ak16ak17ak18Yep, Adam’s pretty awesome too: ak19ak20Just a couple more back at home with the pup :0) ak21ak22Enjoy this time with each other! Can’t wait to see ya’ll again soon :0)

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