Sandbridge 2009

My freshman year I came to CNU fully expecting to dive into the music program. Even now when I see people from high school they’re shocked that i didn’t major in music. Instead I dropped choir after the first week so that I could go to YoungLife, something I avoided all throughout high school. It wasn’t a decision I could really explain or that I was 100% sure of since music had been what defined my life up until that point. All I know is that God started coming after me and pursued me relentlessly as soon as I got to CNU and used people at YoungLife to help Him out. Oct 15-17, 2004 we went on a weekend retreat to Sandbridge  and that Saturday night standing on the beach surrounded by so many of my friends circled together asking God to do huge things at CNU and in our lives was when I officially decided to live my life for the One who had been pursuing me from the beginning. Now 5 years later, it was a joy to go back to that same place and remember how He found me standing on that beach and all the ways He has blessed my life in crazy ways since then! 

Even though I’m not leading YL at Warwick anymore, I was able to go and help out this weekend for YL’s annual Sandbridge weekend, and I’m am asking all of you, my wonderful blog readers, to join with me and pray for the leaders and soon-to-be leaders on the Peninsula!! Each of these teams spend hours and HOURS each week reaching out to high school and middle school kids on the Peninsula in the name of Jesus, and lives are changing because of it! So please join with me in praying for these leaders and the students they’re sharing their lives with, and definitely contact me if you want more information on YoungLife and how to be involved! 

WyldLife Team at Gildersleeve Middle School: Jackson, Hannah, Mary, and Justin yl1WyldLife and YoungLife at Hampton Roads Academy: Jon, Brendan, Michael, and Melissa yl2YoungLife at Grafton High School: Jimmy, Willie, Ellen, and Tiffany yl3YoungLife at Tabb High School: Joe, Curtis, Catherine, Lauren, Craig, and Elizabeth yl4Our newest addition on the Peninsula is Capernaum! Capernaum is YL for kids with physical and mental disabilities, and Caleb is just the guy to start this up! yl5YoungLife at Menchville High School: Emily, Adam, Kiara, and Jared yl6YoungLife at Poquoson High School: Kyle, Ryan, Andrew, Mary Margaret, Kelsey, and Leslie yl7YoungLife at Denbigh High School: Carly, Eric, and Melissa yl8YoungLife at Warwick High School (woo woo!!!! ;P ) Anne Taylor, Tim, Steph, and Ryan yl9Another fairly new addition to CNU is YoungLife College that Alison was hired to start up last year! Its so awesome to see so many freshman interested in YL and fellowship! yl10Yep, I definitely think prayers are very much needed for this crazy group :0) yl11Hope you had a great weekend!

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    i love these! and all of these people!

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