Meet Julie- Yorktown, VA

Remember Alison from a few months ago? Well now meet her youngest sister, Julie! I was so excited when Julie asked if I could take her senior pictures, and even more excited when I checked the weather and the weather was literally 72 and sunny all day.. what more could a photographer as for besides a gorgeous subject and a perfect day?! :0) Julie and I have been on the same page from the beginning about what she wanted for her senior pictures from everything to location to capturing real, genuine pictures. We decided to go to Yorktown Beach for her pictures because she really wanted some at a beach, but she also wanted to find a big field with tall grass (like I said, definitely on the same page ;0) ) and I think I could have done the entire session there!! Julie was up for anything, as long as we both pretended there was nothing creepy or crawly hangin out in that field with us! Anyway, Julie thanks for trusting me with your senior pictures, you’re beautiful! Oh, and Kelsey- you’re next in front of my camera! :0) 

I always do a shot or two to test my camera settings before I really get started, and this was one of those shots! Nothing unique about the pose or anything, just a beautiful girl in beautiful lighting! j1j2j3j4j5love love LOVE it! j6I love that usually when I ask for a serious face, this is usually what happens first ;0) j7THEN we get the serious model face :0) j8j9j10holy smokes this ones definitely the favorite! love it! j11j12Julie’s one request was one laying in the grass.. mission accomplished! Thanks to Kelsey for doing a little dance to make her laugh, you’re a good sister :0) j13j14Then we headed over to the beach to get a few more in before the sun went down! j15I really love this one too.. I kept telling Julie the “wind-swept” look is not necessarily a bad thing :0) j16j17j18j19j20Thanks again Julie! Can’t wait to see ya’ll again soon!

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  1. Grandma says:

    Another beautiful example of your professionalism.

  2. Kelsey Cunningham says:

    wow they turned out so well! it was so fun to get to watch you do your thing, jessie!

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