Ashley’s Bridal Portraits- Northern Virginia Wedding Photographer

I’ve been excited to take Ashley’s bridal portraits ever since she and I first started tossing around ideas on how to make her portraits unique. They had a beautiful country club wedding (you can see part one and part two by clicking on those links) so we knew we wanted to do something totally different for their day after session and Ashley’s bridal portraits. We were picturing something out of the ordinary. Cowboy boots and Ashley’s ball gown. Old  barns and hay barrels. I contacted Richlyn who put together Molly and Jake’s wedding back in August because I knew she would know the perfect place and catch the vision of what we were going for. Needless to say, Richlyn once again went above and beyond and found us the absolute perfect spot! (If you’re looking for a coordinator for your wedding or event you should definitely talk to Richlyn asap!)

I was literally squealing with delight the entire time during Ashley’s bridal session on Wednesday! She was up for absolutely anything, and maneuvering around in that gown was not an easy thing! She was climbing on trucks, hay barrels, and sitting on old tires and I am THRILLED with the result!!! To all future brides, I would HIGHLY suggest doing your bridal session AFTER the wedding so that you’re not worried about getting anything on the dress and you can go for those crazy awesome shots that we wouldn’t have been able to try before the wedding! We were careful with Ashley’s dress, but at the end of the day she’s going to clean it and stick it in a box forever and ever amen, so why not get some great shots in it first!! :0) Ashley, thanks for being so fabulous and trusting me and my crazy visions for your portraits.. I hope you love them as much as I do! Since your ‘day after’ session got rained out today, I figured seeing all of your bridal portraits would be the next best thing ;0) a1literally squealed with delight THE. ENTIRE. TIME. a2 ridiculous… absolutely ridiculous… a3a5holy smokes I LOVE these ones! and don’t worry, she’s sitting on a blanket.. we didn’t coat her dress in mud :0) a6I absolutely love doing portraits like this somewhere totally unexpected.. who would have thought that you could look so stinkin amazing sitting on some old muddy tires?!? LOVE IT! a7a8The colors are just gorgeous this time of year! a9a10a11a12a14s4a13a15a16a18I literally could have taken pictures here all day long and never run out of places to shoot, it was so perfect! a19Whats that? You HAVE to see more of her bridal portraits RIGHT NOW?! Well okay, if you insist ;0)

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    Wow again!

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    I would have squealed with delight too…These are AMAZING! I’m so in love the “country” backdrop, love it!

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