The Collazo Family- Newport News Photographer

Todays session with the Collazo family was such a breath of fresh air. I LOVE photographing all the little munchkins I get to hang out with and I don’t get to photograph teens or older kids, so I was excited to hang out with 14 year old Manny and his 10 year old brother Jonathan and their super cool parents. Its such a different ball game than photographing younger kids! I didn’t have to chase Jonathan or Manny once, I didnt have to sing silly songs, or ask them if they could see what color my eyes were through the lens ;0)

Denise told me up front that they didn’t want something traditional and to take free reign coming up with something more edgy, creative and fun for their pictures.. aaah music to a photographers ears!!! :0) Then they showed up totally ready to ROCK their session! I’ve been trying to encourage my clients to try and “coordinate” their outfits, and not necessarily try and “match” and they pulled it off PERFECTLY!!

I hope seeing how great their images turned out will encourage more clients to think outside the box when it comes to picking a location for your session. So often, places that seem more grungy or dirty such as an alley or back side of a building actually photograph the best!

Thanks again for being so wonderful today and letting me get creative! Enjoy lots of favorites!

I’m not quire sure what happened here, but i love the result!c1c2c3We were causing all kinds of trouble ;0) Getting kicked off of piers, trespassing, attempting to stone seagulls… ya know, just your normal ‘family portrait’ activities ;0) c4Always have to take a moment just for mom and dad.. love this one! :0) c5Potentially the favorite from the day.. well, one of the favorites for sure! c6c7Yep, they’re one GOOOOOOOOD lookin family!! c8c9c10very charming guys ;0) c11c12c13oh hey blue steel ;0) c14c15c16c17c18This is their “big brother/little brother” look: c19This is their “well okay, i guess we really do love each other!” look: c20and this is their “yeah, we’re pretty awesome” look: c21c22c23c24c25They were telling me how long it had been since they had professional pictures taken, and the last time they were rushed through a studio session and the ONLY thing they could get Jonathan to do was this pose below, so they threw in the towel and had everyone make that same face and be done with it! Thats just one more reason to avoid jc pennys for pictures! Figured we should recreate the moment just for kicks ;0) c26c27c28

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  1. Emily says:

    Jessie, these turned out AWESOME!! I absolutely love the way they turned out! Nice work :)

  2. Elba Espaillat says:

    I love all of them,specially the one were you and Denise are kissing.

  3. Michael Alsop says:

    Yeah I really like these…lots of fun pictures

  4. Those kids are awesome….I love their faces in the pic of their parents kissing.

  5. mark stagi says:

    Great images, you really captured the fun spirit of the family!

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