John: 9 Months- Virginia Beach Photographer

Words cannot express to you how excited I get for each session I get to do with this precious family, and I know you long time blog readers get just as excited to see how much their sweet baby boy John is growing. So many of you have joined with me this year to pray for their family, and while I definitely ask you to continue to keep praying for them and John’s complete healing, I also invite you to rejoice with because God continues to answer BIG prayers in their lives!!  John is such a joyful, happy baby! I walked into the house to hear him laughing and talking up a storm; he has an infectious smile and is growing and changing so much every time I see him! As soon a I saw him I  had to cuddle with him for a minute, he usually has that affect on me ;0) It’s beautiful to see Meade and Mary Elizabeth and how completely head over heals, crazy in love, SMITTEN they are with their little man of God, and understandably so! Remember this sweet baby from 6 months ago? 3monthsand this joyful smile from 3 months ago? 6monthswell check out this handsome little man now!! I loooooove that toothless grin(although not for long! those bottom teeth are starting to make an appearance!)  ;0) s110s29s32s41s61i was kind of obsessed with his little toes.. trust me, you woulda been too! ;0) s51He was pretty pumped when Dad came to join us :0) s71love this sweet moment! s81Our next mission was a picture for their christmas card, so Mary Elizabeth all these next ones are just for you, and everyone else just gets to enjoy how beautiful your family is ;0) s91s101s111s121s131s141s151s161saved the best for last :0) s171Can’t wait to see you all again soon! and I can’t believe that he will be ONE next time I see you!! Craaaazy!! :0)

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  1. Kris Bevins says:

    What a sweet pie !!!

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