Scooter and Ashley: Day After Part 2- Alexandria VA Wedding Photographer

I’ve never had a couple have SUCH versatile pictures! They have everything from the garden engagement session, country club wedding, rustic farm bridal, and urban day after session.. throw in some seagulls, christmas lights, water, crazy weeping willow trees.. what more could you want?! I might dare to say that part 2 is even better than part 1…  juuuuust maybe! Enjoy! sa27sa28sa29sa30sa38apparently its hard to be serious and kiss someone when they’re making seagull noises at you… ;0) sa39sa31sa32sa33sa34sa35
sa36sa37sa401sa41sa42sa43sa44sa45sa46sa47sa48sa49sa50sa51sa52sa53sa54sa55Well thats a wrap… for now anyway ;0)

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