Jacob Ryan: 6 Months! Virginia Beach Family Photographer

Okay so not only is it crazy how much babies change over 3 months, but they change so much just over one month!! Due to scheduling issues we ended up doing Jacob’s 3 month pictures when he was closer to 5 months, but now we’re back on track! This big guy is not only sitting up by himself these days, he looks like he’s ready to take off walking! He was standing barely holding on to Sam, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was walking for his 9 ¬†month pictures! Crazy! Check out this handsome boy :0) j11How stinkin cute is that little outfit! He’s a hunter in the making! He’s armed.. but probably not so dangerous ;0) j21Since Sam couldnt be at our last session we wanted to make sure we got plenty of Jacob with his Daddy! j3j4j5
j7j8j91j102LOOK AT THAT BOTTOM LIP!!! oh my goodness kids crack me up with their pouty faces! j112j121what can i say, modeling for the camera is hard work! sometimes you need a quick 15 minute power nap to recharge the cuteness! j14j15

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  1. Christine Pries says:

    OMG OMG OMG … Jessica … we love them!!! I can not handle how cute my boy is !!! To bad he was not his happy go lucky self, but considering what you had to work with from him, They came out GREAT .. Thanks so much and just wait and see what we have in store for his next shoot! Thanks so much !!!!!

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