Things that make my world a little more Merry and Bright

The lovely women in my family have started a photo email extravaganza the last few days. We’re all fairly spread out.. Virginia, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, Kansas City… and unfortunately we can’t all be in one place this holiday season SO they’ve been making up for it by emailing pictures of snow, snow, and more snow, and fun holiday decor they have up around their houses. Since I have no cute kids, no snow, and no big home to decorate, my contribution to the photo email extravaganza is pretty pitiful! ;0) What I did have to share are the things I have  in my little apartment that are making this season a little more merry and bright for me!

Growing up I always looked forward to Christmas because it meant my whole family, meaning my two aunts & uncles, and my two cousins came to my grandparents house to be together. I am so fortunate that my cousins are right around my age, one a year older and the other two years younger, so I’m right in the middle! We would take turns (although I’m fairly certain I was always the instigator) sneaking down stairs every hour to check out the Christmas tree and see if Santa had come yet. 5AM was the given wake up time, aka the time we could finally come busting out of our room and wake everyone else up, because lord knows I  never slept at all on Christmas eve! One of my favorite memories is that every Christmas eve we would all pile in the bed of my grandfathers truck (which was covered thank goodness) and he would drive us around to look at the Christmas lights in all the surrounding neighborhoods. I’m not sure if it was the fact that we were all together, that we were for once allowed to ride in the bed of the truck, or all the lights that I loved the best, I think a combination of all of the above. We haven’t been able to all be in one place for Christmas for years now, but its something I will always treasure. I saw this snow globe and it immediately brought back all those memories of my grandpa’s old truck and I knew I had to have it :0) c18As my aunt Lisa said when I showed here these pictures, “your apartment is the Charlie Browniest” and I LOVE it that way :0) These two make my christmas tree so much better… c22Besides… I think it needs me ;0) c32These have been on replay..and no i’m not ashamed ;0) c41Two things you should definitely have around the house! #1 is the spiced chestnut candle from Williams-Sonoma.. its heavenly and I’m about to go buy them ALL before they go out of season.. so you better beat me to it! #2 is a handy little gadget from Eddie Bauer; its an ice scraper for your car, but its attached to a huge down comforter mitten like thing that comes up to my elbow almost, so I don’t get snow down my jacket or my coat all wet! Brilliant! You can buy one HERE or at any store, but I heard they’re going fast, so you better go grab one of those too!c51and last but not least, the thought of going to my grandparents house in Roan Mountain tennessee and the hope that one day we’ll all be able to be here together for Christmas and I’ll be able to pass the 5AM torch on to my godkids. I’m sure their mom will love me for it, but hey, what are godmothers for?!? ;0) c62For now here’s a little preview of the sweet baby girl I photographed today, talk about the best Christmas gift ever!!! Can’t wait to share more of Natalie’s pictures with you! Also can we please note the size comparison between those stockings and her! I could have fit 5 of her in one of those! So sweet! n1

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  1. Sarah says:

    That last picture is such a tease, Jessie! Please hurry with the rest. I am eager to see more of that cutie!

  2. Emily says:

    I LOVE the last one! I can’t wait to see more pictures of Natalie!!!

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