Meet Natalie Elizabeth- Hampton Roads Newborn Photographer

Meet Natalie Elizabeth, born December 17th at 2:21AM weighing in at a teeny 6 lbs 7 oz and 19 inches of Christmas perfection! Talk about the best Christmas present ever! I don’t think anything will ever top this Christmas for Tommy and Elizabeth welcoming sweet Natalie into their home. It’s so fun for me to watch my friends transition from one phase of life into the next, and they’re both already the most amazing parents! Tommy is completely smitten with his daughter, he absolutely can’t get enough of her or stop kissing her and telling her how beautiful she is. I love seeing fathers like that because you know in the future no man will ever be able to compare with the love she has received from her Daddy. She won’t need to hear from other guys that she’s beautiful because her Father has been telling her that her entire life. I love it!

Elizabeth and I have been talking about fun ideas for the newborn session from the beginning, all the fun christmas ideas we could take advantage of since they knew she would arrive within a week or so of Christmas. So here she is, all of 4 days old, meet Natalie Elizabeth: n11ps can we please note the size comparison in that picture above?! No, those aren’t unusually large stockings or plants next to her, she’s just that teeny!!! n2n3Elizabeth made that quilt she’s sleeping on, and a friend made the little booties! Impressive, huh? :0)n4n5n6love these next two :0) n7n8n9Every momma needs some great pictures with her baby :0) n10n111Another shot I always love getting that shows how tiny they are.. I love that Natalie can look at this picture and realize that once upon a time she was so tiny she barely fit the length of her dads forearm :0) n12n13oh hey there baby girl! :0) n14Before you look at these next ones, if you haven’t already seen Elizabeth’s maternity session, you should probably click HERE and do so before moving on ;0) n15They opened one of their gifts a little early ;0) n16n17They were pretty excited about this gift in particular: n18n19There were so many that I loved from this series of the three of them that I couldnt narrow it down anymore! This one very well might be the absolute favorite though: n20n21n22n23n24Signature Baby Love shot :0)n25n26is it just me or is Natalie signing “i love you” in this next one? ;0) n27oh. my. GOODNESS i love these next ones! We decided when I was talking this picture it would look really cool as a panoramic print and I happen to agree!! :0) I believe there is a big empty space on the wall above this dresser screaming for a canvas copy of this ;0) n28n29Thanks again for letting me come hang out with you guys! I will warn you now that next time I see miss Natalie I’m going to need to hold her for an extended period of time, okay? okay good ;0) Merry Christmas!

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  2. Pam Ruffner says:

    What a wonderful gift. She is beautiful.

  3. Patty Brown says:

    Absolutely Beautiful! I want to hold her! Please call me!

  4. Laurie Strong says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures of a beautiful family! Congratulations!

  5. Terresa Shaw says:

    These are wonderful!!! She is so beautiful! Love the “Do not open til Christmas” pics!

  6. ohh jessie these are beautiful!!!!

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