he’s the baby…

He’s the baby. He’s the baby, but you better not call him one in front of his siblings or he will correct you right away stating that he’s NOT a baby, but a big kid. But when its just me and him, he’s the baby. He lights up every time every time I say “Hi, baby!” Usually after we’ve played trains or had our daily gun fight, he will look at me and say “okay, now lets play a new game.. You be the mama, and I’ll be the baby!” just so I will scoop him up and cuddle him for a few minutes and oooh and awww over how sweet he is :0)  He’s the best baby. But don’t call him a baby in front of anyone else, or else he’ll remember that during the next gun fight and shoot me with a nerf bullet while I’m driving. True story :0) No more guns in the car for that kid!

He’s sweet as can be. He’s smart, funny, and the best baby brother around. Earlier this week Lauren was sick with the flu, and he did not want to leave her side. He brought her blankets and pillows and everything she needed. I picked him up from school yesterday and as soon as he gets buckled he says “okay, now lets go get Lauren and Matthew too!” and did not understand why they couldn’t come home and play too. What can I say, a boy needs his siblings! He is definitely a cuddle bug, and I hope that never changes. He has kind eyes, and a smile that gets me every time. I’ve always been a sucker for this kid, and the bad part is that he totally knows he has me wrapped around his little finger :0)

These are still some of my favorite baby pictures I’ve ever done: baby1baby2Well, not much has changed since then.. he still has those kind eyes and infectious smile :0) sammy1sammy2sammy3

This week I’m taking a little break from sitting in front of my computer to hang out with my favorite kiddos. Instead of editing and emails I’ve been learning about the Thomas the Tank Engine gang and ice skating with a Daisy troop of 5 year old girls.. and I’ve loved every minute :0) Hope you all have a great weekend! Happy Friday!

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