Meet Taplan- Williamsburg VA Photographer

I really do love living in Virginia, most of the time. Until we have months like this one where it seems like its never going to stop snowing and Spring weather is years and years away. I get very jealous of all those photographers out in California this time of year and the fact that their clients get to wear fun summer outfits in the middle of winter. Maybe that just means that my clients are tougher than theirs are, because they manage to still look great even when they can’t feel their fingers or cheeks :0) Taplan and her sister, one of my best friends Nicole, not only got up at 5:30 in the morning to drive almost 3 hours for this session, then they proceeded to walk around Williamsburg with me for two hours in the freezing cold so we could get some great headshots of Taplan for her upcoming college theater program auditions. By looking at these pictures you would have no idea that it felt like 20 degrees outside; Taplan was such a good sport! I’m pretty sure we were all cold for the rest of the day, but I LOVE so many of the pictures I got of this beautiful girl, so I definitely think it was worth it and I hope she agrees! Enjoy! :0) taplan1taplan2taplan3taplan4taplan5LOVE this next one! Even thought it was a cold morning, the sun was out (finally!) and we were able to find so many spots with great light! taplan6i really love the color in this next one: taplan7taplan8taplan9taplan10taplan11taplan12taplan13taplan14Much like my brother and I, the last time Nicole and Taplan had a couple pictures taken together was years and years ago.. SO! time for some new ones! ;0) taplan15taplan16Even with the crazy wind/hair I still love this one :0) taplan17taplan18There were… ahem… several outtakes throughout the session that the girls asked me to hang on to instead of delete. So please remember that as you’re looking through these next ones.. they asked for it ;0) The wind definitely posed some hair issues throughout the morning: taplan19and ya know how when you’re leaning up against a fence and it keeps flying open with no warning? yeah, thats no good either… ;0) taplan20Mrs. Endres, these next ones are for you ;0) taplan21Nicole was having minor technically difficulties.. and like a good friend, I was there for her.. with my camera :0) (ps-  please don’t hate me ;0) ) taplan22More wind issues.. and apparently tiger issues for Taplan as well :0) taplan23Thanks again for coming all that way to spend the morning with me.. love you girls! :0)

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  1. evelyn says:

    these look sooo good!! i’m so sad i missed your birthday weekend.

  2. Heidi says:

    Great shots, Jessie! Those girls seem awesome! Anyone who wants to keep outtakes like that is okay in my book :)

  3. Emily says:

    omg you guys both look gorgeous! :) you did a great job of capturing them together jessie!!! soo fun! wish i could of been there to witness…i’m sure it was hilarious! :)

  4. Nicole says:

    Oh Jessica, you’re lucky I love you!!!!

    Great pictures… freaks me out that Taplan looks so old! Thanks for playing with us for the day, miss you already!

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