John is ONE!- Virginia Beach Photographer

Yesterday was so bittersweet for me; I was beyond thrilled to spend more time with the Stone Family and their sweet John Bear, but at the same time super sad that our ‘Baby’s First Year’ package has come to an end. I can’t believe how much bigger John has gotten since I saw him last time for his 9 month pictures (eh you might as well look back at his six month and three month pictures too while you’re at it ;0) ) and he is sweeter than ever. I can’t really explain to you adequately what a joy John is and how dearly loved this little boy is. Every time he smiles, starts kicking his happy dancing feet, or starts babbling back when his parents talk to him, those are all treasured moments. Moments that we have all been praying for. God has been answering big prayers for their family, and I would ask that you keep praying and rejoicing with them in the little moments. I wish you could all meet John and see his cheery, sweet disposition. He is such a mighty warrior of God already, and I’m so thankful that I’ve gotten to watch him grow this past year. Meade and Mary Elizabeth, thank you for sharing your precious son with me and making me feel so welcome in your home. Can’t wait to see you again soon, please know you’re always in my prayers!

this picture makes me smile every time I look at it.. look at that little toothy grin!! :0) john1john2john3oh my goodness, but this one gets me too.. look at that cool kid! “heck YEAH i’m ONE!” john4Every first birthday should include some cake squishing :0) john5john6john7john8john9john10add the hat, and NOW its a party!!!! :0) john11john12john13john14john15john16john17Happy Birthday to you!!! john18John was not the only birthday  boy to celebrate; I’m sure that his twin brother Warren had QUITE the party in Heaven with Jesus, complete with balloons, fun party hats, and lots of cake squishing too! We wanted to make sure that we included Warren in this session, so we decided to send some birthday balloons to him. Just like Lauren told me the other week when we were sending Valentines to Jesus and to her sister Ashley who is with Jesus and Warren, “all you have to do is attach your message to a balloon and send it up, up, up to Heaven and they’ll know exactly who its from!” john19john20john21john22Happy 1st Birthday Warren and John!! Thanks for letting me celebrate with you! :0)

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  1. martha stone says:

    so very special……moments ….remembered and shared…2precious boys martha

  2. Lauren Hankins says:

    What a sweet sweet boy! His smile is absolutely precious.

  3. Ashley says:

    John Bear is as handsome as they come! His smile lights up the world and brings so much joy to all of us!!

  4. Meade Stone, Jr says:

    I loved seeing the hand in the cake…John’s Dad did that too!

  5. Jenn Warren says:

    Beautiful boy AND beautiful parents. Blessings and prayers. Jenn Warren (friend of the Reppards)

  6. becky rasdall says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful boy! Happy Birthday John, it’s been a pleasure to pray for you for over a year now!

  7. Anna says:

    These are so amazing! Great pictures for a great family:)

  8. Jennifer Davidson says:

    I am so thankful that Ginger has shared your family’s story with her friends in Birmingham. These pictures have made my day!

  9. Ginger says:

    What a beautiful set of pictures! I agree with Allison…. my favorites are totally the cake pictures.

  10. Lindsay Linsky says:

    Beautiful pictures…what a treasure

  11. Julia R says:

    What a beautiful idea to send birthday balloons to Warren, too! The pictures are gorgeous, but your faith is even more dazzling. Much luck and blessings to you all in year two.

    Julia (Susannah’s friend)

  12. Daley says:

    These are precious. Love the idea of the balloons going up to heaven.

  13. Meg says:

    What a cutie! Happy Birthday!

  14. DAvid Rathbone says:

    These pictures are great! We love you guys

  15. Megan Rathbone says:

    John is such a beautiful baby with such beautiful parents. These pictures capture the Stone family wonderfully.

  16. Anne says:

    Just beautiful photos! Your smiles exude love, joy, peace, patience and kindness. What a beautiful celebration of life!

  17. Kaye says:

    These are fabulous pictures! John looks very happy and well-loved!

  18. Helen says:

    I love the balloon release…and I love that you documented it with pictures :). What a sweet memory.

  19. Sara Wood says:

    Best pictures ever! John is so cute… and the Stone family is so beautiful! I love the pictures, especially the one with the balloons… what an awesome tribute to the entire Stone family!

  20. stephanie kennedy says:

    these pictures truly touch my heart! you have a gift for capturing beautiful moments!!

  21. Peyton Riley says:

    I love these pictures of John. He is amazing!

  22. Amy Riley says:

    Such adorable pictures and an adorable 1 year old John. How could you ever decide between all of these? I love them all.

  23. Kevin Riley says:

    I absolutely love these pictures. John is absolutely beautiful and coming from a dad with a son…beautiful is a perfect term for a son the likes of John.

  24. Adrienne says:

    These are all so gorgeous!! The whole series is so full of love – each photo by itself and all together. Love this family ;)

  25. Jessie says:

    I just shared these with my whole office!!! We all oooohed and ahhhed over that PRECIOUS boy!! Such great photographs! I love the before & after cake shots! And he’s just smiling away about to have such fun!

  26. Allison says:

    I love these!! He is such a beautiful boy. I am glad JB finally got some real cake :) xoxo

  27. Jo says:

    These are wonderful!! So adorable!!! :)

  28. lynne Warren says:

    Oh, what wonderful photos…..I loved them all. John is precious and his mommy and daddy as well.

  29. the coates family says:

    he is beautiful – just like his mama and daddy!

  30. Dearest Mary Elizabeth!

    These pictures are so precious of baby John!! Please know you and John are prayed for daily – many times!! You are so loved. Thank you for your faithfulness to God through this past very difficult year.

    In His Great Love,

  31. Nicole says:

    Jess, these turned out amazingly – I love the last few with the balloons. Great idea and great job! Such a beautiful family!!

  32. Allison Hudson says:

    What a beautiful boy and a beautiful family!

  33. Anne Harper says:

    Also #21 captured a reflective moment known to only them – soooooo poignant and sweet!

  34. Anne Harper says:

    Loved the pictures! Of course the subjects were amazing!
    My favorites were #14,20 &22
    I wish I had been there in the making of these precious snippets in time!!!

  35. Caroline says:

    i love the balloon pic at the end! John looks more like his daddy in these photos than I’ve ever seen! so beautiful :)

  36. Terresa says:

    So wonderful! Love his smile!

  37. Lexi says:

    So precious! My favorite are the cake pictures. What a delight to see JohnBear thriving.

  38. Keith Dozier says:

    These pictures made my day. My favorite is the ones where Mom and Dad are leaning over smiling and loving on him and he cuts his eyes back toward the camera as if to say, “OH YEAH – I’M LOVED!!! IF YOU PEOPLE OUT THERE HAD ANY IDEA HOW MUCH I’M LOVED, YOU WOULD BE GRINNING LIKE THIS TOO!!!! How precious!!

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