portrait of a younglife leader

they’re a little crazy. okay, a lot crazy.

they excitedly turn down the stereotypical college life and instead spend the majority of their college career hanging out with high school or middle school students.

they attend just as many high school sporting events as the players themselves, and cheer louder than most parents.

they go up to the school when the bell rings at the end of the day, or go walk around the cafeteria at their lunch time, just praying to meet a couple new kids that day. and no, its not because they don’t have friends their own age.

they have been known to willingly accept pies in the face, whipped cream in their armpits, and spray soda all over themselves and a girl named Lulu.

they occasionally make complete fools of themselves, just to extract a laugh from a student who hasn’t found a reason to smile all day.

they give everything. they’re totally sold out to bringing Jesus closer and closer to these high school and middle school friends.

and they’ve even been known to climb into a disgusting old barrel sitting on who knows how many creepy crawling creatures, because their young life kid thought it would a funny idea to end their senior portrait session with that picture. portraitofaylleader

ah, the portrait of a young life leader… :0)

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  1. Susan Carr says:

    I love the words you used to describe a Young Life leader! May I borrow them to use in a scripted video for a local YL in Gainesville, Florida?

  2. Tim says:

    THATS ME!!! We could barely fit in those things. That’s why you get tetanus shots before coming to college.

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