Happy Birthday Connor Ryan! – Newport News VA Photographer

Remember this handsome baby and beautiful mama from Derek and Sara’s wedding this summer? connor1Well he just turned ONE! I don’t think I will ever be able to grasp just how quickly that first year flies by, it takes me by surprise every time. These days Connor is walkin and talkin (well, its still a work in progress ;0) ) but he still has those big kissable cheeks and is as cute as ever! I was so excited for another chance to get him in front of my camera! Happy Birthday Connor! connor11connor21Connor can be a very serious child.. don’t laugh too loud around him or he’ll stare ya down! Sara and her mom Kris who hung out with us for the morning told me that they were going to have to work REALLY hard to get Connor to smile and they were just praying for a couple good ones.. well boy did Connor prove them wrong! He was all smiles (and a couple screams, but hey he’s just makin conversation!) ALL morning long!! connor3connor4connor5connor6connor7connor8Did I mention that Connor is potentially the best dressed one year old I’ve ever photographed? His Uncle Matt taught him well :0) connor9connor10connor111connor12connor13connor14love the way Connor is looking at his MiMi here :0)connor15connor16clearly, mommy is HILARIOUS ;0) connor17connor18connor19connor20Happy Birthday Connor! Thanks for all the smiles! :0)

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  2. Brittany Spady says:

    Sara- these pictures of Connor are so great!!!! You look beautiful and Connor looks so handsome!

  3. Emily Daiger says:

    Beautiful pictures! He is soooo cute! Sara, beautiful as always!! love youuuu!

  4. Brittany Dawson says:

    OH my goodness girl!!! These pictures are ADORABLE!! Connor looks tooo cute in the suitcase!! :) Love them!! :)

  5. Kasey says:

    He is so Cute!!

  6. Trent Ruhland says:

    Love the Pictures! I think the ones in the case would be amazing in black and white.

  7. tiffany goldman says:

    oh guys he is getting so big and very hansome. Happy birthday conner we love you! – brad, tiffany, and bailee <3

  8. Michelle Taylor says:

    “Wow! I absolutely love his birthday suit! He is just SO adorable!! :) Amazing pictures!”

  9. rachel pena says:

    i really like this pictures! so amazing!

  10. Brittany Pollock says:

    He is So Cute!! these pics are adorable! How do i find this lady to take pics of Atiana!?

  11. Chris says:

    I love these pictures Sara! Jessica takes awesome pics! He is getting so big and I still haven’t seen him!

  12. Karen Burden says:

    Great photos!! Connor is one lucky boy to have both of you in his life!!

  13. Kris Bevins says:

    I love them !! Jessie you did a awesome job !! of course !

  14. Paula Reynolds says:

    How precious! Sara and Derek, Connor is absolutely adorable!

  15. Amanda Bowles says:

    Sara- These pics are absolutely adorable. What a cutie he is. You are so lucky to have such a cute bundle of joy.

  16. sue laughrun says:

    he is toooo cute but still concerned about how much he looks like grandaddy mike!!

  17. Jamie Ferguson says:

    sweetest boy ever!! :)

  18. Cheryl Mattox says:

    Sara,Connor’s pictures are Adorable.You are Blessed!!!

  19. lindsay wohlford says:

    how adorable sarah, i feel like you just had him! he is getting big so fast!!! take care hope all is well with you!


  20. Debbie Sizemore says:

    Sara and Kris – absolutely adorable photos of Connor – he is SO precious! And you both look beautiful in the pictures with him!

  21. Betsy Game says:

    Sara, These pictures are beautiful – enjoy every minute – they grow up fast. Love, Betsy

  22. sarah says:

    these is such a great pictures!!!

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