Michael and Katelyn- Smithfield VA Photographer

By now you all know Michael and Katelyn and their story very, very well. I remember asking them years ago if they would let me take some pictures of them just to practice since I was starting my business and had a couple engagement sessions coming up. That was the beginning of a couple different “fake engagement” sessions I did that year to help me build my portfolio when I was just starting out! Anyone remember these?!? mk Well this time around its the real deal! Everyone remembers the beautiful proposal this summer, and the countdown is officially on for 10.10.10!! In the words of their lovely and talented photographer Jasmine Star, its going to be EPIC! :0) Michael and Katelyn are getting ready to take their official engagement pics with her in just under two weeks, so you will have to make sure you check her fabulous blog to keep an eye out for those! Katelyn and I have been talking about taking some head shots for each other for months now, so we talked Michael into coming along so I could snap a couple pictures of them together (last time I took pictures of them Michael had proposed only minutes before!) and thankfully Sunday was one of the most beautiful days we’ve had here all year so we took full advantage of that gorgeous early evening light :0) Michael is hopefully going to start 2nd shooting for Katelyn at some of her upcoming weddings, so we wanted to make sure she had some new shots with him that she could use on her website and blog! Enjoy some of my favorites of the two of them an some fun head shots of Katelyn too!mk11I have many, many favorites of the two of them.. but i reeeeeally love ones like this where they’re laughing together :0) mk22mk31Although they can definitely both rock the more serious look too :0) mk41mk5mk6I will never forget after Katelyn led worship at InterVarsity one night she and I were talking, and she noticed Michael a couple rows back talking to someone else. He was still dressed up after work, and he caught her eye real quick and smiled at her, still in the middle of his conversation. She bursts into this huge smile and says “OH MY GOSH, I get to MARRY him!!” as it if had just hit her for the first time all over again :0) Every time I look at this picture I’m reminded of that moment: mk7mk8mk9mk10mk111mk12mk13mk14goodness gracious i have pretty friends :0)mk15mk16mk17mk18love it, love it, LOVE IT! mk19mk20mk211LOVE this next series :0)mk221mk23favorite :0)mk24mk25mk27mk28mk29mk30mk311mk32mk33Michael Alsop Photography, keep an eye out for it ;0) mk34Also while you’re at it, make sure that you and everyone you know have voted for Michael and Katelyn in Crate and Barrels Ultimate Wedding Contest! They’re in the top 10, so lets help them stay there!!! :0)


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  1. Deborah Zoe says:

    These are adorable:) Great to meet you in Vegas!:)

  2. Brenda James says:

    Oh WOW! That’s my “little girl” and my soon to be “son in law”. I’m gonna cry!!!!! Great job Jessie!

  3. AshleyP says:

    LOVE these!! You did an amazing job Jessie! Im trying to get over to Katelyn’s to see yours, but the dern thing wont open :( Can’t wait for 10.10.10!

  4. Susan Maier says:

    Loved them all but mk20 was my favorite!!

  5. Kevin says:

    Beautiful, I know I am biased but these are great.

  6. SARA says:

    oh my !!! so cute, i love the bench it matches her shirt so well, what a cute couple, cant wait to see there wedding pictures!

  7. Emily says:

    Jessie these are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! awesome job! I absolutely love all of them!!!

  8. HA! I def laughed out loud on that last one. Very nice…favorite couple ever…10.10.10!!!

  9. Kelsey Cunningham says:

    oh my gosh theyre beautiful!!

  10. Leslie says:

    jessie these pictures are great! kk you look like a model, so gorgeous. my favorite one is the kissing one with the light! even though i hate seeing them kiss..kinda creepy. haha but these are so good!!

  11. Jessie says:

    @katelynjames you are so welcome! anytime! whats next, bridal portraits?!? ;0) can’t WAIT for vegas!!

  12. Chloe says:

    seriously KK, you are GORGEOUS, and I was very impressed with your serious face! :) Excellent job, Jessie!!!!

  13. aw yay!!!!!! yay!yay! thank you for dealing with us! ha! :) We LOVE you! Wanna go hang out in vegas?!!!:)

  14. Lauren W says:

    great pictures!

    Katelyn- could you be any more gorgeous?!

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