birthday wishes

For my birthday my mom and I escaped for the weekend. Somewhere warm was my only request. I’m tired of cold. I’m sick of snow. I NEED SPRING! Anybody else with me on that one? ;0)

Florida was the perfect option for a quick get away. I’m not a big beach girl, I like to have places to go and things to see when I travel.. SO back to orlando it was! We had such a blast in October when we took Lauren, so we went back to a couple favorite spots, but tried so many new ones this time around! We spent all day today exploring Downtown Disney, and we’ve had so many yummy meals (Emerils was the best!) I could definitely stick around here for another couple days, or until it decides to warm up in Virginia.. ya know, either one :0)

I debated whether or not to even bring my camera, since I really wanted to just enjoy my weekend and not worry about carrying my camera everywhere, buuuut i did happen to bring it with me one night.. thank goodness! :0) birthday1oh. my. goodness. i’m pretty sure my mom could get a job at disney noooo problem :0) birthday2My Aunt Lisa was able to come up from Tampa and hang out with us too! We were trying to get a picture of the two sisters with both of the step-sisters.. but we’ll take what we can get! birthday3As part of my birthday present Lisa gave me a new piece of jewelry with the note “that which must be worn!” Only for you, Ant Lis.. only for you :0) birthday4We’re heading back to Virginia tomorrow so I’ll be back at my computer to start working on all your reprint orders and returning emails on Tuesday! Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. Grandma says:

    You girls sure know how to have fun. xoxo

  2. Sara Abel says:

    AWW Jessie, glad you enjoyed yourself, look like a birthday princess :]

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