The Shaw Family- Virginia Beach VA Photographer

By now you’ve gotten to know the Shaw family very well; and they have a fun announcement! Terresa is launching her own photography business! She and I have been talking about her dream of starting a little business for a couple years now and I’m so excited for her that its finally happening! She needed some new bio pictures for her site and so it was a great opportunity to get some family pictures at the same time! Check out new site here! Here are some of my favorite pictures from my time with them; I structured this session a little different than I ever had before and I LOVED the results!! I’ll do a FAQ post soon on tips for your family session, so you’ll get to see more of these cute kiddos soon :0)

We found the perfect spot for their session! As I’m sure you know by now one of my favorite places to shoot is just in the middle of an overgrown field, so I was thrilled when we drove by and saw this spot! :0) Anela, on the other hand, was not loving it at first which I can understand, it was hard for her little legs to make it when it came up to her waist! Thankfully, her daddy was there to help :0) s1s2Terresa made sure to bring lots of snacks for the kids, and Josh kept asking Anela if she’d share some with him… aaand this was her response: s3she was outta there :0)s4These next two are definitely my favorites, I love everything about them!!s5s6s7s8note to self: next time bring TWO bubble wands ;0) s9These next two are such “mom moments”.. I’m not even sure what that means, but I think there are just so many little things that you help your kids with or encourage them to do on a daily basis, and I love when I catch those little moments :0) s10s11they bought a new kite for the session and Jacob (and Josh ;0) ) LOVED it! there was just enough wind to get it flying! s12poor Anela couldn’t quite keep up :0) its just not fair when you’re not quite big enough to do everything big brother does!s13cute, cute, CUTE! s14s15Terresa knew what would be their favorite surprise for the end of the session.. strawberries!! s16s17s18Anela even decided to share one with Daddy: s19pretty mama! s20s21s22

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  1. evelyn says:

    these look great! what a beautiful day and family. those kids have gotten big!

  2. Ashley Vines says:

    What a cute family! Your pictures always make me so happy:)

  3. Georgette Throupe says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!!

  4. Terresa Shaw says:

    Thanks Jessie! We love them!

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