Steve and Sarah- Northern Virginia Wedding Photographer

Excitement filled the room as Sarah put on her wedding gown and “alice in wonderland” shoes. She was calm, joyful, and genuinely so excited to marry her best friend. So excited, in fact, that everyone was ready to walk down the aisle a solid 30 minutes early.. that never happens in the wedding world! Sarah and Steve put so much time and attention into every aspect of their day, making sure it was special for all of their family and friends who they were excited to celebrate with.

I think so much of the day is focused on the reception; all the details, the meal, the dancing.. that’s what so many people focus on. However what I will remember most about Steve and Sarah’s wedding was how amazing and truth-filled the ceremony was. I always try and take a few minutes during the ceremony and put the camera down and listen to the message and what the pastor is trying to help prepare the couple for. I remember sitting there thinking “how in the WORLD did I get so lucky to be able to do this every weekend?” The ceremony was beautiful, and I pray that everyone there was able to leave that room with a renewed knowledge of how dearly loved they are by the One who created Love in the first place.

Steve and Sarah, it was an honor to be with you on your wedding day! I hope you had a fabulous time in Mexico! :0)

I loved this special touch Sarah added to each of her bridesmaids bouquets :0)ss1She also had a couple very important additions added to her own: ss2ss3loved the shoes :0)ss4umm Sarah you are STUNNING! :0)ss5the flower girl was beyond precious.. you know she loved being all dressed up like the bride! Although she seemed to think she should have a veil too.. good thing Sarah’s was so long! :0)ss6look out, the veil will getcha! ss7ss8ss9I absolutely love the emotion in this one. You know her dad has thought about this moment from the day she was born; walking her down the aisle, raising her veil, and giving her away. You can tell how proud he is of his little girl… ss10married!!!! ss11I know I don’t usually post family formal pictures on the blog.. but what can I say, I’m a sucker for daddy-daughter moments :0)ss12ss13ss14By the time we got around to couple portraits we literally had about 10 minutes, so we had to work SUPER quick! Good thing the light was so amazing!! :0) ss158ss164ss171ss17b1ss18ss19ss20ss221Sarah’s dad made sure he was dressed just right for such a festive occasion ;0) ss24ss25Hope you had a great time in Mexico! Here’s your slideshow! :0)

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  1. Sarah Bambling says:

    I can’t stop looking at these pictures! They are so amazing and your intro is amazing!! I cry each time I read it. I can’t stop singing your praises to everyone! Jessie, you are a blessing and I’m so glad that we found you! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

    The New Mrs. Bambling =)

  2. Phyllis Wilson says:

    Jessica, Thank you for this beautiful gift. Yes, we know that this is what we hired you to do but your pictures and thoughts written above are a forever gift that Steve and I will always cherish. Thank You for the love you put into your work. And the obvious love you have for the Lord. Thank You, Phyllis and Steve Wilson

  3. Katherine says:

    Good thing the light was so amazing!! Lovely photos!

  4. Marcia Green says:

    The pictures of our niece’s (Sarah) wedding are absolutely breathtaking. Of course we are pretty partial to the ones of our daughters (matron of honor and bridesmaid)and the ringbearer (grandson)too. You have a real gift, Jessica. The pictures bring smiles and tears at the same time. Thanks for your website. What a wonderful way to relive a very special day.
    Marcia and Joe Green

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