Meet Alexis Kennedy- Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer

I love everything about watching new parents interact with their baby. Its a process of being totally caught up in their every breath, figuring out how to read all the different cries and expressions that come from their little one, and just enjoying the cuddles and joys of being a mom and dad.  Carrie and Nick are so completely smitten with their sweet Alexis and I can see why! Alexis was so content in her mom’s belly that she took her own sweet time making her big appearance, so we didn’t get to do her pictures until she was just over two weeks old, so she was wide awake the whole time! I was cracking up looking at some of the expressions I caught Alexis making; you could tell she was exhausted, but she was not about to miss the action! Carrie and Nick, thanks for sharing your sweet girl with me for the morning, I can’t wait to see you all again soon! :0) alexis1alexis2alexis3alexis4Alexis is already rockin’ the Pebbles Flinstone look with her hair ;0) Nick and Carrie call it her little back-fin.. i think its precious :0) alexis5love this one :0)alexis6haha apparently Alexis wasn’t a big fan on the camera.. hey, i’m not a big fan of things that interrupt my nap either! ;0) alexis7Carrie is the best mom, Alexis is a lucky girl!
alexis8I love getting shots like this that show just how tiny they are and how perfectly they fit in dads hands! alexis9Alexis much preferred to be swaddled the entire time, love the little baby burrito! alexis10alexis11she wasn’t foolin’ anyone.. ;0) alexis12alexis13alexis14alexis15alexis16alexis17Carrie and Nick didn’t know if they were having a boy or girl, and I LOVE the bedding and color they decorated  her room! I have a feeling Carrie and Nick will be spending quite a bit of time in that big comfy chair with miss Alexis ;0) alexis18if this doesn’t put a big smile on your face i dont know what will… alexis19alexis20alexis21why do i love this picture? because NICK is changing her diaper! :0)alexis22alexis23If you’ve spent a lot of time on the blog, you’ll notice that this post had a lot more black and white pictures than color which is different than what I normally post! Nick and Carrie made a request for mostly black and white pictures and it ended up that black and white looked a lot better for the majority of these than color! What can I say, sometimes life just looks better in black and white :0) Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Molly says:

    For me, the baby fever has been hanging around for quite a while…And now, I seriously have the fever! Whoa, I love these!!! What a sweet little one!

  2. jennifer Guild says:

    Nice Job, Although I am very biased because this is my new niece! Isn’t she just darling :)

  3. Nicole says:

    Love these, Jess! Can’t wait to have my own :) haha. Miss you tons. xxoo.

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