Jacob Ryan- Virginia Beach Children’s Photographer

I can’t believe it was almost a year ago that I met Christine and Sam at Norfolk Botanical Gardens for their maternity session! I hope you blog readers are getting to enjoy watching these little ones grow up in front of your eyes as much as I am! Jacob is at SUCH a fun age at 10 months, he was so full of personality and definitely let us know what he was thinking! We’ve got one more session with Jacob to celebrate his first birthday, and his sessions just keep getting better and better! jacob11part of being almost one is learning to stand on your own two feet! well, with mom and dad right there to hang on to just incase ;0) jacob2jacob3Jacob was trying to hard to take those couple steps on his own, and I understand in the last week he has managed to get the hang of it! so crazy! :0) jacob4this next series is my favorite, and all these images were taken within a minute of each other. I love how you can tell in each picture exactly what he’s thinking: “uuuh Dad are you SURE about this walking thing? You sure you don’t wanna just carry me?” jacob5“HEY MOM! come back here! i needed that hand!” jacob6 “heeeey wasn’t there a finger there for me to hold onto just a second ago?!?? dad WHAT are you doing over there?!” jacob7“now thats more like it!” ;0) jacob8isn’t he precious?! jacob9jacob10jacob111looove this one :0) jacob12Christine swears that Jacob prefers Sam to her any day, so I’m hoping these next few pictures will convince her that Jacob’s pretty fond of her too ;0) jacob13jacob14oh goodness gracious be still my heart! this is the kind of moment I see and for the millionth time am reminded how much I can’t WAIT to be a mom! jacob15jacob16jacob17jacob18jacob19it took Jacob a little while to warm up to the balloons, but by the end of the session he was loving them! jacob20 I l-o-v-e his expression! ha! jacob21these are some of my favorite shots I’ve gotten of the three of them together over the last year :0) jacob22haha apparently Jacob had a really hard day.. or is still learning how to play peek-a-boo ;0) jacob23there we go! :0) jacob24Happy Friday!! :0)

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  1. Michael Rojas says:

    So glad to finally get to meet you guys. Your baby is adorable, he should be a model. Love you guys !! These pictures are amazing !!!

  2. Sean Ribeiro says:

    Aww .. he is so adorable. I miss him already.

  3. Erica says:

    Stunning photos!

  4. Madison says:

    Great pics!

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