you learn something new every day

I’m officially overwhelmed. Everywhere I turn there is something new to learn and something old to take a picture of. Its incredibly gorgeous here, and the reality of the history that happened on these same streets is amazing to take in. We’ve explored the colosseum, forum, and churches, had an audience with the pope (and 2,500 others), and have been sufficiently stuffed with yummy food since the moment we arrived. The rest of the group had a few more days here than I did so I’ve been trying to adjust to the 6 hour time difference and have actually been sick since the moment I stepped off the plane which has been pretty stinky, but naps, orange juice, and yucky cold medicine have kept me going and I’m still loving every minute :0) Tomorrow we’re off to Tivoli and then Tuscany on Saturday and I’m SO excited! I loved seeing all the business and history of the city, but I’m definitely a couple girl so I’m ready to head out of the city for a little while :0) I’ve heard from so many of you that are anxious to see pictures, so here are just a couple quick ones while I have internet! I’ll definitely have the full post up when I get back with lots of yummy eye candy! img_8071img_8083img_8247ps I’ve been updating Twitter a couple times a day and trying to post twitpics as often as I can, so follow me HERE if you aren’t already for more fun updates! :0)

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