nooks and crannies

i’ve spent the last 4 days wandering around Rome looking at all kinds of buildings, temples, churches, and monuments all of which are overwhelmingly huge and elaborate. I’m surrounded by incredible architecture and walking the same streets that some pretty famous people have stepped on, and yet I can’t but notice the little spots. The little nooks and crannies that give this place so much added character. The little windows lined with flowers, old door handles, and the texture of the old buildings.. its a photographer’s paradise! Today we walked around Tivoli and the gorgeous Plaza D’este and all I could think of was “GAH I need a bride and groom RIGHT THERE!” it was making me crazy!! but in between thoughts of regret for not dragging one of my fabulous couples to italy with me to model for me right and left, I was snapping pictures of some of the prettiest parts in my opinion. Spots like this one that so often get overlooked in a city of this magnitude: img_8347there’s a part of me that so much prefers simple shots like this of the little details to the ones on a much larger scale. So to all the nooks and crannies of Rome, you have not been forgotten in my eyes :0)

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