slowly but surely…

i’m pretty sure the first and last thing every single person i’ve talked to over the past month has said to me is “ooooh i can’t wait to see your pictures from Italy!” no pressure, right? while all the other ladies were carrying around light little purses i was lugging a *slightly* bigger bag that would hold my heavy camera… but you know i wouldn’t have had it any other way :0) i’m pretty sure the only thing that would have made me look more like a tourist is a fanny pack, but i’m not quite willing to go there.. ;0)

since i’m still in northern virginia for a couple sessions and Sarah and Kevin’s wedding on Saturday I’m not going to be able to really process through all the images and do the full post until sometime next week.. BUT for now to hold you over here are just a few more that initially stuck out to me as I’m flipping through my camera! thanks for being patient with me!

i may have to do these posts in shifts since there are so many fun pictures to share; slowly but surely I’ll get them all up! so these are primarily from the day we saw the colosseum and the ruins next to it and a fun little preview of Tivoli! I just couldn’t get over the magnitude of the colosseum and how surprisingly functional it was for so long ago. You can tell which of the stones are original and which have been used to reconstruct some parts.. so crazy! img_8117img_8146img_8199img_8210img_8240img_8269Tivoli and Tuscany were definitely the favorites.. here’s a little preview of what we saw when we escaped the city: img_8334

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  1. Emily Middleton says:

    Jessie! These pictures are beautiful! I’ve already stolen one and put it as my background, hope you don’t mind!!

  2. Jessie says:

    HA sorry evelyn no picture of the pope or his popemobile.. maybe next time! :0)

  3. evelyn says:

    i wanna see the pope! lol. these are breath taking. you did great, remember to look at these pictures and remember the good times from this trip! love you!

  4. So so so so amazing….I NEED to go there

  5. Katherine says:

    OMG! I cannot believe I haven’t commented on your recent posts! Your photos are incredible! Love em!

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