Joey and Ariel- Middleburg VA Wedding Photographer

Is the anticipation killing you yet? I know you are all just as anxious to see Joey and Ariel’s wedding images as I was! I finally got to look through them all this afternoon and I couldn’t WAIT to share! I was so excited for Ariel and Joey’s wedding, especially after we had so much fun during their engagement session! I love couples that are constantly laughing together :0) Ariel is an event coordinator herself, so I knew she would include so many fun personal touches that were unique to her and Joey. I had never been to Briar Patch Bed and Breakfast, and I could not have been more pleasantly surprised when I pulled up to one of the coolest B&B’s I’ve ever seen! Every time I turned the corner there was some other little spot I was excited about! I took full advantage of the gorgeous day they were given; I could have taken pictures of these two all day! I was also beyond thrilled to have Michelle Cross join me for their wedding! Make sure you head over to her blog to see some of her pictures too!

I’m pretty sure this is the longest its ever taken me to get the full wedding blog post up, so my sincere apologies to Joey and Ariel! Thanks for your patience and I hope you enjoyed Aruba! :0) Congratulations again!

img_3149I was in detail heaven here! Briar Patch had so much character to it :0) img_3167img_3243these next ones are Michelle’s! shots like this are exactly why couples should invest in a 2nd photographer- while I’m getting the shot from the front of Ariel’s gorgeous smile as she puts on her wedding dress, Michelle snapped these from a different angle :0) 27954_676890618808_19721217_38528968_2991557_nimg_3357Quick tip to all future brides: Ariel and Joey allowed a full two hours before the ceremony started for us to be there taking pictures, so we were able to take our time and get TONS of bridal portraits! Allowing more time for pictures before the ceremony is definitely another smart investment! img_3364img_33941img_3398img_3415img_3460loved all the variations to the bridesmaids dresses! img_3525definitely a favorite :0) img_3730img_3732img_3780Joey was pretty pumped to see Ariel :0) img_4154img_4295img_4335img_4790img_48321img_4858img_4921img_4939img_49771img_5004img_5017img_5043img_5072Loved the quote :0) and i also loved how they incorporated all the places that were important to them in their centerpieces! such a fun idea! img_5193first dance sweetness :0) img_5297Remember this fabulous 2009 couple?!? Ariel is Nate’s sister! It was so fun to see Emily and Nate again! :0) img_5530Joey apparently took some lessons from Inspector Gadget before he tried to remove the garter… can you say AWESOME?!? :0) img_5958a yummy snack at the end of the night: img_6111Enjoy your slideshow!! :0)

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  1. Lauren Crovato says:

    Jessie, I LOVE the photos! You captured Ariel and Joey’s personalities perfectly!!

  2. Joey says:

    the pictures turned out beautiful, despite the fact i was in them :0P. Thank you!!!

  3. Audra says:

    You are the most beautiful bride!! Pictures turned out wonderful, LOVE YOU BOTH!!

  4. Cyndi says:

    Absolutely lovely.

  5. Netti says:

    WOW….all I can say! It was like being there all over again – amazing day and you have definitely captured the beauty in all of it.

  6. Evie Perez says:

    Great wedding pictures!!! You and Michelle definitely captured the true essence of this wedding :) Good job, ladies!!

  7. Barb Wallingsford says:

    Wow. Jessica you did it again. What wonderful photos! Joey…you are priceless…love you both! Momma W.

  8. Victoria says:

    Wow! Great pictures! Love the bridesmaid dresses!! I wonder where she got them? I love that they are all different!

  9. Vicki Chitty says:

    What great photos! Everyone looked beautiful!

  10. Angi says:

    Emily — Looking at these great pictures is like being there all over again. What a beautiful bride!!!

  11. Emily says:

    So beautiful, I love every last one of them!

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