Daniel and Christine- DC Wedding Photographer

I’m pretty sure it takes pure talent and good looks to be this awesome at 7:00 on a Sunday morning, but Christine and Daniel pulled it off no problem! Yes you read right, they were willing to get up with me at 7 on a Sunday morning and I’m so glad they did because we had Georgetown pretty much all to ourselves on a perfectly overcast morning! Couldn’t ask for anything better :0) They’re getting married next month (how crazy is it that July is NEXT MONTH already!!) and I’m so excited to be able to see them again so soon! Usually after an engagement session I have to wait months (sometimes close to a year!) before I get the couple back in front of my camera again, but I will be seeing Christine and Daniel on July 17th! Can’t wait! :0) img_6250img_6332img_6370img_6458love this one :0) img_6477img_6498img_6576love the colors in these ones! img_6601img_6612img_6636you find the best spots in georgetown :0) img_6675LOVE! :0) img_6703img_6764We even found this little garden around the corner! love it when we can get a variety of settings! img_6790img_6802img_6853Then we went back to their home to get a few with their pup.. their, ahem, not so little pup :0) img_6901no joke, when we pulled up to their house Christine says, “nooow, he’s going to act like he wants to kill you, but don’t worry we’ll keep him on the leash!” I wasn’t nervous at all until she said that! img_6944thankfully, he didn’t even so much as bark at me! go figure! they kept him behind the fence the majority of the time anyway :0) img_6938img_7000Thanks again! See you in a month! :0)

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  1. Pam Boyd says:

    Love these pics- she looks so cute

  2. Christine & Daniel says:

    Thank you, Katherine and Nicole! That was really sweet! :) We love Jessie’s work. She’s absolutely WONDERFUL! Jessie, we can’t wait to do this again on our wedding day…see you SOON! :D

  3. Nicole says:

    That pup looks like a giant version of Finn!

    And holy toledo – what a gorgeous couple! They’re going to have the most beautiful kids…

    And, as per usual, amazing job, Jess!

  4. Love these! Well, i love all your work, but still. You can so tell these two are in love :D


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