Kevin and Sarah – Leesburg VA Wedding Photographer

Every couple brings something completely unique and their own to each wedding I’m blessed to attend. Sure, there are some parts that are pretty standard for every wedding, but every now and then you find a couple that goes above and beyond with making it totally their own. Sarah and Kevin’s wedding was such a perfect reflection of their relationship, probably more so than any other wedding I’ve been to. It was easy going, super fun, and completely focused on Jesus… just like Sarah and Kevin. All the guests were instructed to leave the coat and tie’s at home, and to come out for BBQ, bocce ball, and a really fun memorial day celebration :0) You could tell Sarah and Kevin were just so thrilled to be married and to celebrate that with their closest family and friends, and I’m so honored I was able to be there to document the whole thing! Sarah and Kevin, thanks for letting me celebrate with you, I’m so excited to see what God is going to do through your marriage!

img_9467Friends from church graciously opened up  their GORGEOUS property for Sarah and Kevin to have their wedding at! If i remember correctly, they want to start having weddings there more often, so if you want more information let me know and I’ll get you in touch with the right people! The whole place was gorgeous and had so many amazing backdrops for pictures! Loved it! img_9518bling bling! img_9556i heard somewhere that its impossible to have a bad day if you’re wearing red heels… :0) img_9566img_9629img_9767So Sarah and Kevin initially had their heart set on a beach wedding… i’m not sure if it was a surprise for them or if it was planned, but there was a little patch of sand waiting for them at the end of the aisle for them to get married on! best of both worlds.. kinda :0) img_0069MARRIED! Kevin was pretty pumped :0) haha love this one! img_0181img_0536img_0620img_0681img_0689img_0708img_0716img_2082img_2109img_2190img_2205img_2278img_2296img_2371img_0800img_0988img_1112I LOVE this one of her Grandpa dancing.. and the fact that he looks just as happy and has the same expression as the little kids dancing behind him :0) img_1240img_1518img_1887Sarah’s dad made this swing for them for the wedding day! So fun! :0) img_2464Congrats again! Here’s your slideshow!

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  1. Melissa Farmer says:

    the last photo is soooo adorable :) I love seeing body language and no faces makes it feel so different! Great job, love the wedding venue! congratualations to the couple!

  2. Sarah MacFarlane says:

    Oh my gosh. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures. I DID think kevin was going to “chandler smile” in all of the pictures. You are amazing, Jessie. We are so thankful to you for being there on our special day to capture it all on camera. So wonderful. Can’t wait to see the rest of them (because I’m sure kevin managed to make at least SOME look funny!!). You’re the best!

  3. Anne Taylor says:

    Jessie. 3 years of watching your pictures go up, wedding after wedding and this ABSOLUTELY without a doubt blows the rest out of the water. Favorite wedding, favorite photographer ever.

  4. Tricia says:

    Such beautiful pictures!!! Colors/setting/people made it your own!!! Love Love Love the black and white pictures, especially the first dance & cupcake picture (not biased at all!!) blessed Kevin & Giraffe!!

  5. Megan Hurley says:

    Beautiful photos! I really can’t wait to see them all! I know who is going to be my wedding photographer! So happy you’re a part of the family now Kevin :)

  6. Lucy Robeson says:

    The wedding was absolutely beautiful and such a touching experience for all of us. These pictures beautifully capture the emotions of the day: love, gratitude, and true happiness – between Sarah and Kevin and shared by us all there in attendance to celebrate their special day!

  7. Mary Wolfe says:

    So glad to get a glimpse of Sarah and Kevin’s wonderful day. The pictures seem to capture the joyous mood of everyone attending. The Hurley family has always been very special to me. Blessings to Sarah and Kevin!

  8. Eileen Pagano says:

    Kevin and Sarah these are great! I love all of them. What a beautiful wedding it was. Thanks for inviting us. I really love the picture of my dad too! I would love to have a copy of that one. Take care of each other.Love, Aunt Eileen

  9. Mark Hayes says:

    What wonderful photos you produced for this wedding. The couples romantic shots are wonderful – and that cake is amazing.

  10. Lauren Angus says:

    Cheers to Sarah and Kevin! I’m sad I missed your wedding but so happy I was able to see all the beautiful moments captured by these awesome photos. I’m beyond happy that you’re married and the lifetime of happiness ahead of you both.

  11. Jared MacFarlane says:

    PHENOMENAL job with the pictures from my brother and now sister-in-law’s wedding! You did such a great job of capturing their blessed day. You captured everything so well. Thanks for doing such a fantastic job. We’re all very impressed :-D

  12. Tom says:

    very nice!!!! great photos!!!

  13. Jeanne McLister says:

    Just Loved all the pictures!! Can’t pick a favorite … too many great ones! (Well maybe – those cupcakes did look delicious .. tee-hee!) Many blessings to you Sarah and Kevin!

  14. Frank Gavigan says:

    What great pictures! What a felicitous combination; a talented photographer, a stunning site and a beautiful couple. Jessica knew how to take advantage of the contrasts afforded by the vibrant colors, the architectural features, the beautiful bride, the natural settings, and the joy of the married couple. Good job, Jessica

  15. Faith Blanchard says:

    Congratulations! These are beautiful photos!

  16. Jen says:

    Wow! I found myself crying again as I watched the pics… Sarah and Kevin, I am so happy for you. How blessed we are to have been a part of your very special day – a beginning to the next phase of your life…

  17. Daniel Hallman says:

    Personally, I think Kevin’s brown shoes should get slightly more attention. They look extremely comfy and vibrant. Are his feet really bare or does he pull-off the no-show sock with such elegance that we are left to ponder? Shoes aside, the split shots are really cool. I’m deeply saddened I couldn’t be there for this momentous occasion, but you can count on me to be there for the rest of your lives. Deal with it.

  18. Linda Mitchell says:

    This wedding was captured in these photo’s. What a beautiful
    wedding and a great job of bringing it to life in the pictures.

  19. Megan McCarter says:

    these pics are so beautiful! i love the red shoes Sarah. What a beautiful bride you were.. wish i had been there. love, aunt megan

  20. Casey MacFarlane says:

    Wow. Kevin and Sarah, I’m so happy for you. It was a perfect day and I didn’t really think things could get any better, but this really takes it up a notch. Good call on the photographer. And, of course, kudos to Jessica Smith capturing you two and the feeling of the whole day in such a way that I’ve already got a bit of nostalgia for the weekend!

  21. Diana Campbell says:

    The pictures are so very lovely. Two beautiful people on their most special day. You captured their celebration to relive again and again. Great job, Jessica!

  22. Heather Dollenger says:

    I can’t wait to pour over all the photos! Lovely, lovely, lovely!

  23. Cheryl Hurley says:

    Absolutely amazing photos – thanks for capturing all the memories of the day so we can re-live them day after day.

  24. Debbie MacFarlane says:

    The photographs are beautiful and allow us to relive the joy of the day over and over again!

  25. Carolyn MacFarlane says:

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures! What a beautiful wedding!

  26. Stephanie Bortner says:

    These pictures are so beautiful, and perfectly capture the joy and energy that we all felt at your wedding. Love you guys!

  27. Bonnie Warde says:

    Beautiful pictures. Almost as good as being there.

  28. Kevin MacFarlane says:

    HOLY CRAP! I didn’t ruin ANY of those pictures!!! You made us look amazing! Thank you SO much! I know Sarah was very concerned I was going to “Chandler Smile” all of the pictures and have nothing that she would want to show anyone. Every single picture is absolutely incredible. Thank you again!

  29. Love the colors and joy!

  30. Michael says:

    Man this was an amazing location and a beautiful couple!! Oh and I see you Meghan Puckli woop woop you made it on the blog!!!

  31. sharon says:

    these are great!!!! the picture of her grandpa is perfect!!!

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