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I never had a godparents growing up, no one in my family did. I had amazing grandparents and two aunts and uncles who loved me like crazy, as well as a mom who would do anything for me. So when I was asked over four years ago if I would be Bobby’s godmother and participate in his baptism I immediately accepted, even though I wasn’t exactly sure what I was signing up for because I’d never seen a godmother/godson relationship before. Oh well, its a fun title anyway right? Through the years as I became not only Bobby’s godmother, but then Riley and now Tanner’s as well I have come to understand what that means in my life and in my relationship with these amazing kids. I get the privilege of knowing and loving these incredible little people, and building such a close relationship with them that they always feel they can come to me in the future with their questions, or just when they need another adult in their life to encourage them. It means I get to help their mom and dad in any way that they need, and be another adult in their kids lives that they know without a doubt will love them as much as they do. Now THAT is a job I’m excited to sign up for :0)

I don’t get to spend nearly enough time with them, but I think this week I got to spend with them was different than the times I’ve visited before. Bobby and Riley are so much older now that they remember me and the things we did together; Bobby affectionately called me Aunt Jessie the whole time I was there instead of just ‘Jessie’ and I hope it sticks for the rest of his life :0) Every free moment we had there was this little blur of pink that would come running up to me, tug on my arm and say “LETS PLAY PRINCESSES!!” Riley is such a girl after my own heart; definitely a girly girl through and through. Bobby is one of the best big brothers I’ve ever seen, he’s so loving towards Riley and Tanner, and you know he’s just counting down the days until Tanner can be his super hero partner in saving the world. My favorite part about spending the week with them was seeing how close Bobby and Riley are and hearing their sweet giggles all day long. They have the best laughs, and it made me smile just to see what good buddies they are :0) Lulu, thanks for opening up your home and sharing your kids with me. You are an AMAZING mother and its clear  how much they adore you! I loved spending time with you and getting to talk for more than 15 minutes at a time :0) Can’t wait to come visit you in California and take them to Disneyland!! :0) img_7015img_7033he was the perfect little cuddle buddy :0) img_7055img_7075img_7081I’m pretty sure this is what she was wearing when they picked me up at the airport too.. pink polka dot bathing suit, pink hat, pink backpack, and pink princess shoes! i’m a little ashamed to admit, that I think she walks better in heels than I do! ;0) img_7086cute, cute, CUTE! img_7100img_7107check out those muscles! img_7134these two pictures crack me up.. here’s the before…img_7160aaand after the sneak attack! apparently power rangers and pirates do NOT get along! ;0) img_7163we decided that he looked like he was posing for a presidential portrait in this picture… he’s got that serious look with just a little smile :0) img_7186img_7191img_7195img_7257this was right after he hit the ball in to the yard across the street… true story. img_7279loooove me some baby eye lashes… especially this baby! img_7300img_7304img_7313img_7321img_7349we did this last pictures literally 20 minutes before I had to leave for the airport! img_7361img_7377he’s the best big brother :0) img_7404img_7443img_7445another favorite :0) they are so funny together! img_7470img_7490Tanner was exactly one month old! He changed so much even in just the one week I was there! img_7532img_7579this makes my heart so very happy: img_76051Hope you all have a great weekend! :0)

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  1. Jen says:

    These kids could be models! What great smiles and such joy! I’m glad you had such a good time!

  2. Oh I am so glad you had such a great time! these photos are so touching. Thanks for sharing what makes you happy!

  3. Ant Lis / Nonnie says:

    Most beautiful photos, ever! How do I get them? You have really captured their spirits, which proves they were taken by someone who loves them! I love you, too.

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