David and Crystal- Newport News VA Wedding Photographer

Remember this sweet couple who bundled up and braved the cold for their engagement pictures back in January? Well they definitely did not have that problem for their wedding at the Mariner’s Museum in Newport News this past weekend! They gathered with all their closest family and friends and celebrated their first day as husband and wife, and didn’t let the heat bother them one little bit! David and Crystal earned a million cool points by blocking off a solid 3 hours between the end of the ceremony and when they were announced for the reception!!! Yes you read that right, 3 hours!! I know every other photographer out there just got really jealous at how awesome my clients are :0) It worked out perfectly that the museum was offering their guests private tours, so we could really take our time and enjoy their portraits instead of having to rush through them! I know that’s not possible for all couples, but seriously, the more time you can give your photographer between the ceremony and reception the better! Crystal and David have WAY more portraits than they would have if we’d had to rush their their portraits in 10 minutes. Pictures were definitely a priority to Crystal and David, and so they were willing to block off the time for them, and that also gave them much more time to spend together enjoying the fact that they were husband and wife! Its a win-win for everyone :0) David and Crystal, thank you so much for loving each other so selflessly! It was so easy to tell how deeply you love one another and the Lord, and I wish you nothing but years of joy and laughter together! img_1780img_1883img_2242She was nothing but smiles throughout the entire ceremony! img_2303img_2446img_2449Since we had so much time we were about to take our time doing their family formals at the church, have some fun with the wedding party, and go to a couple different places for their couple portraits! We tried to see if some of the CNU (air conditioned!) buildings would be open since thats where Crystal went to school.. but no such luck! Good thing the outside of the buildings are pretty too! ;0) img_2907img_2934img_30871img_3100definitely a favorite :0) img_31671img_31731img_32031img_3274The did the majority of the reception in the courtyard of the museum and it was PERFECT! Again, I know its not possible for all couples to pick a location that will give them both rooms inside and out, but it worked SO well for them because we were able to use the gorgeous backdrop of the garden and the great evening light, but if you needed to grab a drink and cool down you could just go back inside! We did the majority of their portraits in the courtyard and I couldn’t have asked for anything better! img_3449img_3487img_3511talk about amazing light! love it! img_3515img_3538img_3571img_36051img_3617img_3628img_3682While Crystal’s dress was AMAZING, the train posed just a couple problems for David during the first dance ;0) img_4141img_4144Prettiest 2nd shooter in the world? Yep, I think so :0) She was determined to get David’s parents to let her take a portrait of them.. I’m not sure if she was ever successful, but her “pretty pleeeeeease?!?” face would have me convinced! ;0) Make sure you check out Michelle’s blog for more pictures! img_4165A friend of mine Emily Loda made all the tarts for the wedding and it was probably my favorite wedding dessert I’ve ever had! They were SO yummy! She’s done the cake for several of my brides now, so you should check out her website and contact her for more information! img_44381img_4602
img_4469img_4616img_4807they definitely had the noisiest exit EVER! img_5176Here’s your slideshow! Hope you’re enjoying your week at the lake! :0)

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  1. Frances says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Story book wedding, Crystal you look like a princess.

  2. Maddy K. says:

    LOVE the silhouette pic :)

  3. Greg says:

    The pictures say it all! I don’t see how anyone could possibly keep from smiling while looking at these photos of your special day. I’m sure proud and grateful to have been a part of it.

  4. Terry Bonilla says:

    Crystal & David,
    Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your most special day! You two were so much fun, and i had a blast as well , even if it was a little hot !!
    Let me know if you ever need a dj again!!
    Take care and Congratulations again,
    Terry Bonilla
    Tidewater Disc Jockeys

  5. Reyna says:

    Your wedding was beautiful! May God bless your marriage! We love you Crystal!

  6. Karin Broker says:

    Just wanted to say that the slide show with the music was superb. The time taken to photo this beautiful couple was well worth it. Kudos to the photographers. The black and white photos are stunning.

  7. Wanda Parks says:

    What gorgeous symmetry in so many of these pictures! And what a gorgeous smile, Crystal! David, you are so steady!

  8. Miriam Singer says:

    I love your pictures, Crystal & David. These really capture your wedding. You both look wonderful and so happy!

  9. Cheryl and Keith says:

    Beautiful pictures of a gorgeous couple!

  10. Megan says:

    You both look SOO happy! I love these. Jesse it was nice meeting you- you do amazing work.

  11. Mom Pruitt says:

    Amazing pictures that will enable us to relive your amazing day!

  12. Emily says:

    Crystal, you are gorgeous! So is your dress! Jessie, amazing work (as always!)!!!

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