Keith and Andee- Williamsburg VA Wedding Photographer

Every now and then I get a couple who is extra awesome. Since I have clients in both the northern virginia area and hampton roads it can get tricky to coordinate schedules and sessions. But every now and then I get a couple who is willing to drive that all-to-often miserable stretch of 95 to come to where I am or at least meet in the middle. Enter Andee and Keith! They are planning a fabulous wedding for this November, so we needed to do their engagement pictures asap so they can get save the date out! They graciously agreed to drive to Williamsburg, as long as I promised them an awesome outdoor location. Done and done! The whole day was gorgeous and sunny.. that is, until I pulled up next to their car. We arrived at our location and this huge storm blew in from nowhere. We got out of the car for a moment and I was sure I heard Dorothy calling for her Auntie Em somewhere close by. The wind went crazy, dust blowing everywhere, aaaand then the downpour started. I felt HORRIBLE that this great couple had driven all that way just to show up to a location where I felt we were just about to see the wicked witch flying by and houses dropping from the sky. It was crazy, I tell ya!

Thankfully, Keith being the voice of reason, asked that we try to wait it out at least thirty minutes to see if it would keep moving. So we got to know each other and talked about how they met and all the details of their big day and eventually the clouds did disappear, the wind stopped, and the temperature cooled and we ended up with a solid hour of perfect (though a little wet) weather. Good thing Keith is an optimist ;0)

He and Andee compliment each other perfectly and I can’t WAIT to photograph their wedding in Fredericksburg this November! img_5219I was LOVING the sunflowers everywhere! But what I love best about this picture is how you can still see the rain drops ;0) img_5227img_5340img_5380LOVE this next one.. definitely a favorite! img_5416img_5435img_5461I absolutely love the way Andee is looking at Keith in these next few images.. add to that genuine look some amazing light and I am a HAPPY photographer! :0) img_5533img_5538img_5567img_5579img_5639img_5643img_5665img_5705img_5714We saved all the shots where I wanted them to sit for the end, and thankfully they were willing to get a little muddy! img_5751img_5764img_5786See, I told you guys it would be worth it!! Love the color in these next few: img_5810img_5828img_5881img_5887img_5958img_6036img_6201Had to end the session back in the sunflowers.. saved one of the best for last :0) img_6272Happy Friday!

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  1. Andee E. says:

    Jessca, We love what we’ve seen so far!!! Thanks for a fun shoot :)

  2. These are lovely. Great lighting.

  3. Danielle Griest says:

    WOW These photos look amazing!! You did a great job!

  4. heather says:

    Great job! Faves are 5567 and 5579…..although the tractor pics are up there as well:)

  5. Molly says:

    Wow, these are great…love the “feel” of this shoot! (And a pretty couple I might add!)

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