Jason and Jennifer (Part 1): Destination Wedding Photographer

There’s a first time for everything. I still remember the mixture of fear and excitement that filled my belly with butterflies before my first wedding I ever photographed. These days there is way more excitement before a wedding than fear, but that ounce of fear keeps me on my toes right? I don’t take my job and the expectation that comes with it lightly! Well that was doubled for Jason and Jennifer’s wedding! When Katelyn asked me to 2nd shoot for her, I don’t think I could get the words “OF COURSE!” out of my mouth fast enough! Both of us have dreamed of shooting a gorgeous destination wedding, so you can imagine how excited we both were! Everytime I mentioned to someone that I was shooting a destination wedding in Jamaica the immediate response was “Oooooh I can’t wait to see those!’ .. no pressure, right? :0) Well thankfully Jennifer had every detail worked out perfectly, and I can honestly say that their day was completely their own and so perfect for them. They both made our job SO easy! Their families were so welcoming and it was honor to be one of the 16 people present to celebrate your marriage! Talk about an intimate wedding! It was a gorgeous day for this gorgeous couple. Jason and Jennifer, I hope you’re having a fabulous time on your honeymoon, thanks so much for letting me be a part of your day!

How cool is her dress?!? I love it when a bride has picked out something a little different! :0) img_8103img_8136img_8172Their whole day was completely relaxed, just how every wedding day should be! We had almost a full hour once Jennifer got dressed to grab tons of bridal portraits of her!
img_8287img_8329The light was so great on their balcony to the hotel room! These bridal portraits of Jennifer are definitely some of my favorites from the day :0)
img_8373img_8384beautiful!!!!! img_8389img_8429img_8490just hanging out waiting for the ceremony to start! I loved how low-stress their entire day was! img_8536a few finishing touches on hair and make up, and she’s ready to go! img_8601img_8608img_8612img_8674talk about a gorgeous spot for a wedding ceremony! love this one right after becoming husband&wife! img_8983i grabbed this one real quick during a transition.. note to photographers, always keep your camera ready to go!! I just turned around to see her talking to someone and grabbed it before she moved! Love how natural it is, but it could have very well been a posed formal too! love it!img_9113i was loving the pop of bright colors everywhere! img_9195they had a little cocktail hour after the ceremony where they had some yummy snacks, wedding cake, and did toasts and a few special dances. I’ve said this before, but all brides should just be prepared for me to tear up during the father daughter dance.. it gets me every time! love this one of jenn and her dad! img_9413Sandals had so much fun, unique spots for pictures around the resort! img_9745love, love, love! img_9793Tomorrow will have the slideshow and part 2 with all the “trash the dress” pictures!! get excited!! :0)

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  1. NIcole says:

    That dress is to die for! I love the detail shots at the beginning. Love the sweetheart photos, too! :)

  2. Melissa says:

    These are so amazing! I think it is so cool that you and Katelyn got to shoot such an awesome wedding and I know that Jennifer and Jason are going to LOVE these. :)

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