Meet Eleanor Marie- McLean VA Newborn Photographer

She wanted a girl. So when Erin found out she was expecting she went home and painted the room blue; convinced that if she planned for a boy she would end up having a girl. Nine months later miss Eleanor Marie, named for both of their grandmothers, is here all bundled in pink and sweet as can be :0) Thankfully the room has a violet undertone, and is now complete with butterflies, flowers, and lots of other sweet feminine touches :0)  I could tell at first glance how smitten Erin and Matt are with Eleanor and I loved watching them care for her and each other during our time together :0) Congratulations on your sweet baby girl! She’s absolutely perfect! img_0818img_0857Newborns are always out to prove their parents wrong. Its been my experience that the couples that are worried their baby will be really fussy through the session, the baby always does perfectly time… aaand the parents that have a really easy quiet baby, they tend to have some minor melt downs :0) You can tell from this picture, that they thought they would have to hold her the entire time.. like i said, they’ll make liars out of you! :0) img_0874She always let me get in a few great shots.. before she realized that no one was holding her :0)
img_0893i love how teeny tiny they always look in their crib at this point! Especially how tiny she is compared to those two in the corner! img_0897I talked Erin and Matt into letting me take just a few of them with Eleanor and I’m SO glad they agreed! I love these next ones with mommy and daddy :0) img_0934Erin is such a natural mother; Eleanor is a lucky little girl! img_0945img_0973wrapped around that little finger :0) img_0994Look at the little smirk on Eleanor’s face!! This is definitely my favorite from our time together :0) img_1021img_1030img_1046img_1063i love how they manage to curl up no matter what position they’re in :0) img_1079.. and sometimes, i can’t resist keeping one or two like this :0) isn’t that the most pitiful face you’ve ever seen? ;0) img_1082ahh the reality of life with a newborn! it takes at least two people to change one little outfit :0) img_1097Erin said she and Eleanor spend the majority of their time riiiiight here..
img_1113Cuddle time is a must :0) img_1137i will never get over how perfectly they fit in daddy’s hands when they’re this tiny.. img_1154img_1165img_1210img_1226Enjoy this time with Eleanor! It will fly by! :0) Hope to see you all again soon!

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