just say no…

when my godson bobby was little i saw a picture of him in a shirt that said “Just say no to veggies!” with a little broccoli or asparagus on it and i was seriously tempted to try and find one in my size. I’ve always been a pretty picky eater, but vegetables are just one thing i never learned to love. Don’t get me wrong I’ll order a salad or get excited about green beans or corn on the cob.. but for the most part i just say no to veggies :0) I justify it by eating a ton of fruit.. they’re in the same group, right? maybe? bueller??

I had to stand back and laugh at myself as I stared at my fridge this afternoon. Lauren and Sammy are coming to stay with me for a few days (WOOHOO!!) so I had just done my big grocery store run and came back with juts about every fruit in the store.. blueberries, strawberries, cherries, raspberries, plums, grapes.. i got ’em all! i guarantee they will all be gone by the end of the week! and what did I leave at the store? yep, you guessed it.. i’ve gotten pretty darn good at just saying no.. to vegetables :0) seriously though aren’t these so much prettier?! :0)
img_4846So for the next four days i’m going to be swimming, building sand castles, reading books, and just enjoying quality time with some of my favorite little people… oh, and eating LOTS of fruit in between :0)

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