Meet Luke! – Virginia Beach Photographer

Six months is very quickly becoming one of my absolute FAVORITE ages to photograph! Once they’re able to sit up on their own is the perfect time to have them photographed; they’re SUPER expressive, still so cuddly, and they’re not running in the opposite direction yet! :0) Luke was no exception, and his mama had a bag full of tricks and toys to keep him smiling! They recently moved to virginia beach so they wanted to take advantage of being so close to the water. Luke’s reaction to the water was hilarious.. maybe in another 6 months he’ll be more excited about the beach :0) For the time being he was perfectly content to play with some of his favorite toys and snuggle with his two favorite people :0) img_1249HA! poor kid was definitely not so sure about the water :0) this is his “uhhh mom, a little help here…” face :0) img_1268img_1294img_1317img_1322ahhh the joys of being 6 months :0) EVERYTHING goes in their mouth! img_1347img_1367img_1424really, its a shame they don’t have a happy baby… NOT! :0)  img_1428img_1446img_1452Luke tried sooo hard to get that hand in his mouth.. thankfully dad was a little too fast for him :0) img_1523img_1614img_1621img_1625img_1640img_1664sweet baby :0) img_1678img_1875img_1915img_1968this was the first toy that Samantha bought for the baby after she first found out she was expecting! :0) img_2081img_2164definitely a favorite :0) img_2174img_2234thought we’d try one more time to see if he liked the water any better the 2nd time around… nooot so much ;0) img_2287of course he was ALL smiles on the way to the car.. :0)
thanks again, it was so great getting to know your family! can’t wait to see you again soon! :0)

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  1. ella kreilisheim says:

    Your pictures are outstanding – as always! You are an inspiration for me in my work!
    (Ella Kreilisheim FOTO)

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