Daniel and Christine- Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer

I remember over a year ago Daniel and Christine were one of the first couples I got to meet with in my own home/office. We sat there and talked literally for hours and the time absolutely flew by! There was something about getting to sit and really get to know each other without the pressure of being cramped in the corner or starbucks or being rushed out of a restaurant. We talked about anything and everything and I absolutely fell in love with the two of them. I couldn’t believe I had to wait a whole year for their wedding, so you can imagine my feeling when I called Christine two days before the wedding and it was already here!! Crazy how fast time flies! I couldn’t have been more excited for them, and it was so fun to be with Christine before the wedding and see how excited she was to marry her best friend. Thank you both so much for allowing Michelle and I to be there; you two are exactly why I love what I get to do every weekend! You’re the best! :0)

img_2324I got such a kick out of this.. we showed up to the hotel room where Christine and her bridesmaids were staying and piled on the bed among all their makeup, accessories, and suitcases was Harry Potter and a bag of cheese curls… and i immediately knew i was in GREAT company :0) img_2339i loved the little boxes in their rings came in! i’d never seen one with the little clasp like that:img_2593the groom was lookin pretty handsome: img_2615and the bride was absolutely stunning: img_2679img_2900img_3427img_3535Since they had an early afternoon wedding they opted to save their portraits til that evening which I was thrilled about! We would get the best light, and be able to take as long as we wanted without worrying about their guests waiting for them! I insisted we snap a couple juuuuust incase something happened, and wouldn’t you know as soon as the reception ended the clouds rolled it, and by the time it was time for their portraits it was pouring rain and the wind was out of control :0( thankfully they have a day after session booked so we’ll have plenty of time to get all the portraits we couldn’t get on their wedding day! here are a couple of the ones I snapped right after the ceremony of the two of them: img_3642img_3654img_3685img_3696favorite :0) img_37391img_3755img_3770this one comes in at a close second favorite though :0) img_3811they had all the details of their day so well planned out! here are just a few of my favorites.. I loved how their gift table set up looked like a wedding cake! so cute! ETA: Lindsey Hocker from Simply Perfect Events coordinated Daniel and Christine’s big day and she was such a key part in how smoothly everything went off! Lindsey and I met over a year ago now and she is definitely someone that I would trust with my own wedding; she’s fabulous in every possible way! so you should check out her website and give her a call if you need someone to help make everything picture perfect on your wedding day! img_3812since their pup couldn’t be there the day of the wedding they incorporated him in lots of little ways throughout the day: img_3813first dance sweetness: img_3920Christine’s sister surprised them and gave the most beautiful toast! img_4430not only did they have YUMMY wedding cake, but they had an ice cream station set up too complete with all the toppings :0) img_4621img_4673can you find the couple in this mass of people and flower petals? :0) img_4830Hope you had a WONDERFUL time in the dominican republic! :0)

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  2. Tina dumark says:

    beautiful pictures what a keepsake

  3. Christine & Daniel says:

    Jessie, the pictures and slideshow are amazing! Love, Love, LOVE them! Can’t wait to shoot with you again in September…will send a date soon. ;) Thanks again for everything!

  4. Cathlyn Davis says:

    BEAUTIFUL, GEORGEOUS, SPECTACULAR PICTURES!!! Jesse you are truly very talented in what you do. I will be recommending your work to some of my co-workers who will be getting married within the next year. And Lindsey (Simply Perfect Events) — will definitely be recommending you too.

  5. Sharyn R says:

    The pictures and slide show are awesome! We were so honored to share in your wonderful day, Christy and Dan.

  6. lindsey says:

    LOVE THEM ALL. They were a wonderful couple to work with, and stunning! BTW thanks for the shout out:)

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