the value of doing nothing

“Don’t underestimate the value of doing nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering” – winnie the pooh

its that moment at the end of the day that i treasure the most. after we’ve played and been busy all day long. after they get out of the bath tub and their hair smells all coconuty from the kids shampoo. when their jammies are on, special blankets in hand, and they’re ready for a little down time. When they pick up their favorite book or chose a movie to watch, and it doesn’t matter how much open space there is on the couch, they both curl up on either side of me and snuggle in just about as close as they possibly can, and we just sit. I get to do nothing but be close to them. Every time I see them they’ve changed so much, and seem so much older. I will take every moment I can with them curled up next to me doing nothing, because the day will come too quickly when they will pick the spot at the other end of the couch instead.

img_1083They came to stay with me for a few days this summer just like last summer, and I was so thankful that katelyn agreed to take some pictures for us! The ones that Jill took last year are up all over my apartment and I’m so excited to get these ones up around my house too :0) thanks so much katelyn! lauren talked about you and your wedding dress the rest of the day: “Miss Jessie, do you think one day I’ll have a wedding dress as pretty as hers??” :0) img_1084img_1101my favorite :0)
img_12101ones like these next two were more typical though… :0) img_1218img_1349Lauren opted to switch headbands half way through and put the other one on me.. aaand i guess i forgot about it, until i saw these pictures! oops! :0) img_1413img_1432okay seriously, how stinkin CUTE do they look in these outfits!! ah his tie just kills me :0) img_1809ooh how i love that smile :0) img_1822img_1831love how sammy is winkin at the camera ;0) img_1856img_1894img_1898img_1903surprisingly i didn’t take nearly as many pictures as I did last summer.. i made a point to do more playing and less picture-taking this year. I did snap a few at the beach though, mainly because I was shocked that Sammy jumped right in with his big sister, were as last summer he would barely get his feet wet! img_4885img_4887img_4901there were just a few too many jelly fish floating around, so we opted for some sand castle creations instead! img_4918img_4957img_4973I couldn’t resist taking just a few more pictures of them myself since katelyn was the only one behind the camera the first day! img_5042img_5063img_5075love my sassy girl :0) img_5124img_5126SUCH a stud!!! img_5150they truly are best buddies, i love listening to them play together! img_5174i couldn’t resist posting these next two… :0) img_5186img_5187img_52271is it just me or does she look so much older in these last two pictures? i don’t think its hit me that she’s going to be in 1st grade in the fall!
lauren and sammy, i love you to the moon and back!
love, miss jessie

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  1. Can’t get over the pictures of Lauren kissing Sammy! Those kids are awesome but you’re right, they’re getting older so soak it up now!

  2. Jen says:

    She looks like Cameron Diaz. I love their outfits! The tutu and the tie are fabulous!

  3. ohh i’m so relieved there were a few good ones!!! haha i seriously worried! ha! LOVE the ones of you guys laying down:) you can’t tell it was 110 degrees! :)

  4. evelyn says:

    OK, seriously, sammy knows how to do the model pose. secondly, i can’t get enough of lauren’s eyes…and i think my fav pic just might be the one of them building the sand castle together as lauren is placing shells around it. SOOOO stinking cute!

  5. spring says:

    These are beautiful!!!!! Your kids should be models… i’m thinking they are too big for Baby Gap but something along those lines!

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