Meet Olivia Grace – Fredericksburg VA Newborn Photographer

I had four tentative newborn sessions schedule for the first week of August, and I’ve been so excited to meet each one of them! Well miss Olivia Grace decided to make her big appearance three weeks early! I was so glad we did Lauren and Lee’s maternity session when we did! Livi is absolutely perfect and already has Lee and Lauren wrapped around her oh so tiny finger :0) She did so well and was happy and content the entire time. Thankfully no one was electrocuted this time around ;0)  It’s so fun for me to see my friends as parents now and I’m so excited to watch baby Livi grow through this next year! :0)

Livi made it clear right from the beginning that she would much rather be eating than posing for pictures, but she had to settle for finding her fingers instead :0) img_5337img_5422oh hey there baby girl! img_5432all this modeling must be exhausting for a one week old! :0)
img_5451It’s always fun for me to watch new moms and dads care for their little ones; typically they’re still trying to figure each other out that first week or two.  Not Lauren; she is one of those women who you know was meant to be a mommy. She cares for Olivia like she’s been with her for years already, and you can tell how comfortable and natural it is for her to mother her baby girl. It is so beautiful to see! img_5494img_5504img_5531img_5548img_5600img_5622This unprompted moment is definitely my favorite from my time with them :0) Love it!img_5667img_5755img_5777img_5825img_5862Lauren is so crafty! She made the letters to hang in Olivia’s room and I love that they’re a little different and they match her room so perfectly :0) img_5957img_5973img_5989i think she’s gonna be a daddy’s girl.. what do you think? :0) img_6073img_6086this is Olivia’s milk coma position :0) img_6138img_6145Lauren wanted to get just a few of Livi in the outfit that her mom brought her home from the hospital in! I love when we’re able to incorporate family keepsake items like that into sessions :0) img_6238I’ll end with another favorite :0) love this one of miss Livi!img_6251Its gonna be a great year! :0) Can’t wait to see the three of you again soon!

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  1. Nanny says:

    Lauren and Lee – Olivia is so beautiful, just like her mommy and daddy. I miss you all so much and think of you each day!

  2. evelyn says:

    wow that little girl has a head of hair or what?!? soo expressive and beautiful. that is one happy and loving family!

  3. Molly says:

    Wow, these are Ah-maz-ing!!! As I was scrolling through, I kept saying, “this is my favorite” over and over again! Each photo is wonderful…Great job of a beautiful family!

  4. Terresa Shaw says:

    Yay! She’s wonderful!!

  5. Laurie Boswell says:

    What a nice looking family! Great pictures, she is adorable!

  6. Beverly says:

    Beautiful family!!! Lauren, you are a natural born mother!! Jessie, lets be honest–can your job get any better? :) :)

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Precious!! So cute, love the butt shot of her in Lee’s hands!

  8. Lauren says:

    Thanks Jessie… It was fun despite the ring escapade! Never a dull moment with the Verhines!

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