Kayley: 3 Months – Smithfield VA Baby Photographer

I can’t believe sweet Kayley is already three months old, and we’ve already done three of the six sessions in their first year package! Crazy how fast time flies! Three months is such a sweet age, I love how smiley and bubbly they are! Kayley has the sweetest disposition, and you can tell she brings so much joy to their house! Kayley’s brothers Matthew and Bradley joined us, but unfortunately Bradley was running a fever so he was not up for having his picture taken, and I don’t really blame him! Poor baby, he was so sad! and even though we woke Kayley up from her nap she still gave us some sweet smiles :0) Six months will be here before we know it, but for now make sure you go back and see how much she has changed since her newborn session and Amanda and Anthony’s ‘embrace the belly’ session!

I said this last time I photographed their family, but Matthew is one of the best big brothers I’ve ever met. He is so sweet and patient with both Kayley and Bradley and such a great help to his parents!
img_8795Bradley was so pitiful :0( but i do love this picture i grabbed real quick of him with Matthew. seriously, best big brother. ever! img_8896loooooove the baby eyelashes! and chubby cheeks! perfect combination :0)
img_8880Kayley was completely fascinated with grabbing onto her dress and getting it into her mouth! its a miracle we got some of her without the dress in front of her face! :0) img_8909so, eventually we just gave in :0) her little belly is pretty darn cute too :0) img_8955I laid Kayley on the couch after changing her diaper (thats what they call a full service baby photographer! ;0) ) and she apparently found her comfy spot and start smiling and talkin to everyone.. so cute! img_9065sweet baby! love his one of her talkin with her mama :0) img_9077img_9079favorite :0) img_9116img_9141after a little bit of motrin Bradley was looking a little bit better, but this was still about as close as he would get to his sister:img_9167img_9223Amanda said when Kayley gets tired, she always puts her hands up like this.. needless to say after being woken up, Kayley was dying for a nap by the time we were finished! img_9266img_9308img_9325this one could be the favorite.. i love how she is checking out her bracelet! i guess diamonds really are a girls best friend ;0) img_9351

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  1. Angela Berry says:

    What beautiful pictures of my grandchildren. Jessica does a wonderful job of catching the beauty of all my grandchildren.I am looking forward to more in the future. I love you all.

    LOve Mom and C.D.

  2. Amanda-The kids are beautiful! You can just look at them and see that they are so…..loved. The baby girl is gorgeous! The boys are as cute and handsome as ever.Good job. Laura and I hope to see you soon.We miss you and love you and are so proud.

  3. Hillarie says:

    Oh my how sweet. She is beautiful. So girlie with the braclet and the bows. How will you ever choose.

  4. Debbie McGrath says:

    Amanda, I think Kaylea is adorable in the pi. She looks like Anthony with those long eyelashes and puppy dogs eyes. She is soooo pretty. It makes you just want too squeeze those little cheeks of hers. She looks like she is a very happy baby. Your little boys are two very handsome little boys as well. can’t wait to see them all in person.

    Love Bobby and Debbie McGrath

  5. Cindy says:

    She is so adorable!!

  6. Amanda McGrath says:

    Jessie, Thank you so much for helping me with Kayley and Bradley…it was a challenging day with bradley being sick..but we did it thanks to you!! Love all the pics,I just got home from working 14 hrs and seeing them made a happy ending to my day.

  7. Jen says:

    Too precious! What an angelic little face!

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