Meet Leoni Camille- Norfolk VA Newborn Photographer

Remember that stretch last month where it seemed like all I had on  my blog was maternity session after maternity session? Well now get ready for lots of sweet babies coming to the blog! :0) Ali and Andrew welcomed their sweet girl Leoni last week and you can tell they are head over heels in love with her! Ali must have seen it in my eyes, because one of the first things that she said to me when I walked in was “do you want to hold her??” :0) you don’t have to ask me twice! I usually try to wait until the end of the session to ask to hold the baby, only because once they’re in my arms I have a hard time putting them down and picking up the camera :0) Leoni was a perfect angel and slept well enough that even though we would move her around a lot, she’d just settle back in and close her eyes. Usually babies make me work a bit harder to get the shot, but Leoni was quite accommodating :0) Ali, thanks for sharing her with me for the afternoon, and enjoy every moment with your baby girl! img_3012img_3040img_3068img_3084poor puppy was running in circles around the bed, not understand why he was being left out of the picture process.. so when he was finally allowed up on the bed he found a comfy spot and settled down before they could rethink their decision ;0)img_3141img_3178img_3226i’m convinced this shot with the rings tickles their toes, so most babies kick and wiggle until the rings fall off, but miss Leoni humored me and  held still for a few seconds for me to grab this shot! this is my signature ‘baby love’ picture, and this is definitely one of my favorite ones I’ve ever gotten! love it! :0)
img_3257Ali had found the cutest little props on etsy for the session! I would definitely encourage parents to check it out and order a few things a couple months before your due! img_3345i dont know what she was dreaming about, but whatever it was it made her happy! :0)img_3361img_3410tiniest tutu EVER! img_3442i couldn’t believe how much she was grinning in her sleep! too cute! img_3531img_35231img_3557img_3605someone had give this to Ali as a headband for the baby, but it was just a liiiiiittle too bit to use as a headband.. so we improvised :0)img_3634LOVE these next two :0)img_3648img_3659img_3757img_3786Happy Friday!

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  1. Kelk says:

    She is so, so, so cute! Those pictures are great and you are going to cherish those so much as she gets older. I cannot wait to see her in person! xoxo kelk

  2. Leslie Finch says:

    Beautiful! It reminds me of the Anne Geddes photos. The photos would make a great calendar/Xmas gift. Treasures forever.

  3. Andi Vela says:

    Ali – I love these pictures, she is too cute!!! What a happy little family. :)

  4. Ali says:

    Love them! Thanks! :)

  5. Molly says:

    Can I please tell you how much I love your newborn photography! Honestly, if I’m ever privileged enough to have another baby, I would love for you to come to Charlotte, NC! It’s amazing the sweet little details you capture with each shot…And those little newborn wrinkles on the bottom of her feet…Are you kidding me,they’re sweetest things ever!!!

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