Meet Willow Marie- Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer

The blog is going to bursting with baby girls for the next year and I could not be more excited about that! Remember this joyful mama and daddy from a month or so ago? Well these days they’re smiling a lot more and sleeping a lot less :0) Willow was hands down the easiest baby I’ve ever photographed; she literally slept THE. ENTIRE. TIME! We tried so hard to wake her up for just a few pictures at the end of the session but she was not going for it!  I got to spend a good chunk of time at the end of the session cuddling with Willow and getting to know Jeremy and Carrie better and I’m pretty sure I could have kept that baby in my arms allllll day :0) She’s absolutely precious with her chubby cheeks and light blond hair, and I cannot wait to watch her grow this year! :0)

I LOVED how they had her nursery decorated!
img_3882img_3894seriously, we were moving this kid all around and she didn’t even flinch… img_3991definitely a favorite :0) love her little hands and scrunchy lips! img_4066img_4109img_4180img_4232img_4247Jeremy found this handprint that he made in elementary school.. I love how even though he was still a kid when he made it, it still swallows her hand :0)img_4253img_42801img_4320img_4393img_4395img_4495even a wet washcloth and a little tickling did not wake this baby girl up.. img_4585img_4647i shared this one with you yesterday and it still makes me stop and stare.. i love the emotion in it! img_46591img_4712img_4760img_4781i have a feeling they will spend quite a bit of time in this position over the next few weeks :0) img_4855img_4888img_4929img_4940img_5021love it! :0)img_5039
Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Okay, so I’m smiling and giggling about all of these precious photos, but little Willow with her blond hair, oh my goodness!! Babies often have such dark hair, if they have hair at all. She is so stunning and you captured her in such a genuine way.

  2. She is so beautiful. And, to see these pictures, it is hard to believe that she is just two weeks old. And, all that golden hair! She is just beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Dan Blount says:

    Incredible pictures. Zan and I are so happy for you.

  4. Carrie says:

    Thank you for these beautiful pictures, Jessie!

  5. Lisa McHan says:

    All the pictures are awesome! I can’t even begin to pick a favorite. Their unbelievably love shines through in each one. How wonderful to be able to record all these special times.

  6. Heide says:

    Absolutely and utterly gorgeous. And love the cloth diapers! Much cuter. The armchair shot is my favorite.


  7. Eric Augesen says:

    Fantastic photos! Carrie and Jeremy are in for more love than they ever thought they could handle; and now they have some excellent ways to remember Willow’s homecoming.

  8. Kelly Free says:

    Wow! Just Wow! Every pic is beautiful. I especially love the one of the three of you sitting on the couch (maybe, it could be the bed), but Carrie is holding Willow and Jeremy is in the background looking at Carrie. So much love. I’m just smitten for this gorgeous family.

  9. Matt T. says:

    Fantastic pictures, they are absolutely great. The three pairs of feet picture made me laugh! Everyone looks so happy and the pictures capture those feelings perfectly.

  10. Kaby P. says:

    WOW! Beautiful photos! Willow is adorable! Parenthood definitely agrees with Jeremy and Carrie!

  11. Elizabeth says:

    Beautiful! I love the 3 pairs of feet and the first baby love shot. Great job, goegeous baby!

  12. Nancy J. Plum says:

    The photos of Willow, Carrie and Jeremy are absolutely breath-taking!! The love they all have for each other is captured perfectly in these beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us. Love, Aunt Nancy

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