… then comes baby!

Some days it’s still a little hard to believe how fast college flew by. I remember thinking when I came in as a freshman that the next four years were sure to drag on as long as high school did. Absolutely WRONG! I was so blessed to have an AMAZING college experience, thanks to the grace of God and the people He surrounded me with during my time there. It’s so fun/crazy to see the people that I entered college with not only getting married, but having BABIES! Last year I was able to celebrate with Megan and John when they got married, and now they’re expecting a little boy in October! I can’t wait to see Megan as a mom, she and John are going to be the best parents! Here are just a few pictures I snapped really quick at Megan’s shower this past weekend.. she got all kinds of fun things for the baby :0)
Megan’s four college roommates made her this little quilt :0) such a sweet keepsake gift! although they did warn her that this one quilt would have to be passed down from kid to kid, and not to expect a new one at each shower ;0) img_7589img_7580
img_7635I’m so excited for you, Megan! can’t wait to meet your little man :0) img_7645

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  1. Beverly says:

    we love you megs!

  2. evelyn says:

    sooo darn fun! everyone looks amazing! megan is glowing!!!

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