Ken and Michelle- Washington DC Wedding Photographer

Michelle won me over from her very first voice mail. She was first and foremost THRILLED to be getting married; you’d be surprised at how many people by the time they contact me are stressed with the planning so much so that they no long even seem excited to be marrying the love of their life. Second, she was excited about ME; not just my pictures, but I remember her saying how I already felt like a “dear friend” just from her reading my blog! That, internet, is why I blog :0) I want my clients to know who I am, not just what kind of pictures I take. She and I talked for almost two hours, and by the end of the conversation the contract and deposit were already in the mail and I was counting down the days until I was able to meet and hug her in person!

Michelle and Ken had one of those instant ‘when you know, you just know!” relationships. They connected right away, and after two weeks were already looking at rings! They compliment each other so perfectly and bring out the best in one another. I can’t wait to photograph your family for many years to come! I couldn’t be happier for you both! :0)

Michelle and Ken were married at the Washington DC LDS Temple and I was so excited to meet their families while we waited for them! Michelle has 14 nieces and nephews, and if you know me you know I filled my memory card with pictures of these kiddos! This first picture cracks me up, with the girls making funny faces, and the boys in the background wrestling :0)
img_5069img_5117okay so I know I don’t typically post a lot of family formals on here, but I couldn’t resist these next three :0) Is this photo not hilarious to anyone else? I don’t think I’ve ever had 14 kids this young in front of my camera at one time before :0) img_5277they were just a little too smitten with one another to bother with smiling for the camera :0)
img_54461Grandma also could have cared less about pictures, she was just so excited for her opportunity to finally hug the bride :0) img_55831I know I posted this one in the sneak peek, but I still love the joy in this image :0) img_56622img_56631img_56791img_5695img_5729img_5807img_5839img_5898img_5976their ceremony was at the Fort McNair officer’s club in DC with a pretty view of the washington monument in the back! i know its blurry here, but its still there! :0) img_6179img_6265img_6312img_6319oh my goodness this little guy was cracking me up! he had his one dance move all night long, bobbing up and down with his tongue out and his arms out as if he’s saying “I dunno what’s going on here, but i like it!” :0) img_6509Ken and Michelle did their father/daughter and mother/son dance at the same time, and at the end Ken tried to cut in and her dad was not going to give away one moment of that dance with his little girl and turned him down flat! I LOVE how you can see that dad-look on his face here! hilarious! img_6702at the end of the song he gave her back to Ken, but you better believe he was getting that whole father/daughter dance in first! img_6717these are some of my favorite cake-cutting pictures EVER! img_6993img_7003so not only did Ken get cake all over Michelle’s face, then he proceeded to take a bite himself instead of letting Michelle get him back! no worries though, she painted him with a little bit of icing too :0) img_7062I really couldn’t get enough of her nieces and nephews! I was so excited when I showed up at the temple and saw all these little kiddos in their little orange ribbons and ties :0) you can tell how close they are and how much fun they have together! 14 cousins = one big party!
untitled-1here’s your slideshow! :0)

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  1. Catherine Hardy says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures!

    I wish I could have been there to share the day with you and meet Michelle. I look forward to that.


    Catherine Hardy

  2. Gorgeous couple, gorgeous wedding, gorgeous photographs, gorgeous photographer….okay I’m totally upset I missed out! Amazing job, as always! :)

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