Addison Rose: 3 Months! – Fredericksburg VA Baby Photographer

It’s always amazing to me how fast three months can fly by! I meet up with my Baby’s First year clients just about every three months, and even though that doesn’t sound like a long time, its crazy how fast it goes and how much changes! I met up with Chad and Laura to take miss Addison’s three month pictures, and these first two pictures are exactly why we do this first year package.. look at the difference from a few days old to three months! img_2973img_2974Tellin’ daddy all about her day…img_7654img_7682img_7749img_7800img_7955img_7962Chad’s mom was in town, so we snapped just a few of Addison with her grandma! img_8057Three months is probably the hardest out of all the sessions during the first year, just because they’re still pretty tiny and not sitting up on their own, but they’re too big to want to curl up and sleep like a newborn. The fun thing about three months is how interactive they are! Smiling, cooing, paying attention to you.. you start to see so much more of their personality come out! Laura told me that one of Addison’s favorite things right now is taking a bath, and I thought that was something a little different that could make for some really cute pictures :0) i love how she is holding on to Chad’s finger in this first one! img_8135img_8185ahh i love this next one! favorite :0) img_8217three months = EVERYTHING goes in the mouth :0) img_8250what’s bath time without your rubber ducky?! img_8286img_8337its a team effort ;0) img_8370i love these next three; love the excitement in Addie’s face!img_8378ha! this girl definitely does love bath time..
img_8456love that you can see her crazy long eyelashes in this one! img_8470Addie does NOT, however, like getting out of the bath tub and being cold.. so they go the extra mile to warm her right back up :0)
img_8557… i guess we wore her out :0) img_8664img_8692another favorite.. i love catching unscripted, sweet moments like this :0) img_8709
Happy Monday!

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  1. Janet says:

    Addie has grown so much. She’s absolutely adorable and I love her to pieces. The pictures really capture her sweet personality. Very nice work, Jessica!!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Ahh ha, I am the first one to comment! I love the bath time photos! She is absolutley beautiful!

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